Bonus £3 (315 Avios) on TopCashback Purchases

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With everyone getting all excited about the Amex Shop Small fiver, it’s also worth flagging TopCashback’s current free £3 bonus cashback, which you can unlock at a far wider range of (online) shops and also cash out as Avios, should you wish.

To benefit, you can join TopCashback here (if you haven’t already), and then you simply need to activate the promotion here.

Don’t forget to activate the promotion – if you don’t, you won’t qualify for the bonus.

To benefit, you need to make a purchase of £5 or more via TopCashback by 23:59 on 4th November 2018.

Not a TopCashback member yet? – get an extra £15 on top!

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through this link and you will receive an additional £15 bonus when you spend £10+ with any retailer. This means that you will earn £15 in bonus cashback PLUS whatever the standard cashback would be.

topcashback bonus

Dedicated frequent flyer? We’ve got you covered – you can convert that £15 bonus into 1,575 Avios, if you prefer Avios to cash.




      • Miles Hunt says

        Zeek credit is always an option, as while their minimum voucher seems to now be £25, the possibilities are wide enough to make it almost as good as cash.

        • Craig Sowerby says

          I’ve had substantial tracking problems with Zeek. Plus I’ve got a backlog of merchant vouchers that I’m finding harder to use than expected.

          I’ve also noticed that certain merchants “disappear” when you log in. (and of course where you access from) I think they must be playing games with regular users.

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