Just 1 Tier Point Needed For Elite Status – What Would You Do?

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Over on the InsideFlyer UK forum, member ‘Tcworldwide’ recently asked for thoughts on an elite status conundrum. We thought it would be fun to share it with a wider audience here on the main blog, as it raised an interesting general point – what do you do when you are tantalisingly close to an elite status threshold, but not quite there?


Here’s the original question:

“I currently have 74 xp (status points in KLM/Air France Flying Blue programme) expiring end of April 2019.

I’m about to take a flight this evening which will put me up to 89 XP.

I’m not sure I’ll be taking another qualifying flight before the XP expiry date. Most likely would be a short european thing which would get me 5xp each way.. putting me to 99… 1 short of the 100 needed for Silver…

Or… I could maybe spend £45 ish to upgrade the short leg of the flight I’m about to take to business. Also giving me 99.. 1 short..

Or I fly premium economy or business on a short haul trip later (despite really not being worth cost for such a short flight) which would put me safely over 100, but be a bit of a waste of money.

If I was at 99 how likely would I be able to call them and persuade them to bump me up anyway do you think? I fly long haul for work around 3 times a year, plus a personal trip if it’s a route I want…”

You can’t get closer than being just 1 point short of hitting an elite status level – what would you do in that situation? Come and share your thoughts (and any other questions of course!) over on the forum here.


  1. Sharat says

    It’s odd to end up that way , being short of less than 5 points – is it BA?
    I suggest upgrade now with £45, reach up to 99, take a 5 point cheap Eu / UK domestic flight, reach up to 104, return flight ( udually more exp in cash) book with points.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Sorry yes, I should have been clearer that it was about KLM/Air France Flying Blue (will amend post for clarity). FB works in a similar sort of way to BA though, so yes I think I’d do similar.

  2. TigerTanaka says

    It sounds like KLM/AF. If I were flying NCL-AMS, I would try and route one leg through CDG (which can be cheaper) and get an additional 5XPs.

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