Cheap Hilton Points – 100% Hilton Honors Bonus

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Hilton Honors is once again offering a 100% bonus when you purchase Honors Points.

The specific terms of the offer vary by customer. Some are receiving an 80% bonus offer, others a 100% bonus offer and in some cases the 80k points purchase limit is being doubled (allowing some to buy 320k points – 80k doubled to 160k, with a bonus 160k points).

The amount you need to buy to trigger the bonus also varies depending on the customer – I have seen both 3k minimums and 10k minimums. It appears the 3k minimum applies with the 80% bonus and the 10k with the 100% bonus, but there may be other variations.

The bonus points are available for purchases made between 6 November, 2018, at 12:01am ET and 18 December, 2018, at 11:59pm ET.

Is this a good deal?

Hilton Honors offers a variation on this deal quite frequently, so unless you need the Points soon, I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to stock up. Particularly if you don’t have the 100% bonus.

The 100% bonus means that you would effectively be buying Hilton Points at a rate of around 0.38p (0.5 cents) per Point, which is a smidge under what I value them at.  You’ll struggle to lose money buying at that price and with a specific redemption in mind could get good value here.

Examples include:

  • Category 1 and Category 2 stays for ~£19 and ~£38 per night
  • A few very expensive high Category hotels, like the Conrad Maldives
  • ‘5th night free’ redemptions for Silver, Gold and Diamond member

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Points bookings are flexible and that there isn’t any additional taxes to pay, so you need to compare like with like when calculating whether buying and redeeming Points is better value than paying cash (also factor in the Points you would earn from a cash stay though).


  1. mahomed says

    I got the 80% bonus this time . I bought some points to top up a booking so it still gives me decent value . If I received the 100 % bonus I would have bought more as I use Hilton points for some of my bookings.

  2. Voltron says

    Anybody else feel a HH de-valuation is on the way soon?
    Seems like double points has been gonig on forever, 100% bonus points pops up every couple of months etc…
    I would have bought some lsat year but now I think I will never buy points unless I have to top up any redeem in the short term, doesnt make sense to hoard poitns anymore IMO

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Now that Hilton has done away with award charts, you can be sure that devaluations are happening wherever they can… I point out the most obvious ones whenever I can.

      I’m no longer a buyer of Hilton points either. I’ve found it harder and harder to get 0.5 cents back, unless I can manage a fifth night free award. (which requires a lot of points in the first place)

  3. Ian Macky says

    There is some extra value to be had on reward bookings at “resorts”, as you don’t pay the resort fee on award bookings. Depending on the room cash price, not having to pay the resort fee can be a significant boost to the value per point

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I suspect that Hilton’s algorithm takes that into account. I had a $44 room rate stay in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. I was happy to spend 15K points instead because I would avoid the resort fee.

      • Ian Macky says

        I don’t know how the resort fee is actually dispersed. I know with IHG properties, if you book with the 3rd party website, the resort fee is always paid directly to the hotel, not to the 3rd party. That suggests that the hotel gets to keep the resort fee itself. If it’s similar on Hilton properties, it might lead one to conclude that the resort fee is a separate charge from the nightly rate, and thus not taking into account when setting the points requirement.

  4. Sharat says

    My total limit for this year has been raised, so I can buy another 80k this time and will get another 80 k( 100%) bonus- it comes to 50 cents a point.

  5. Wendy Bridges says

    still offer not showing for me (chrome / ie or anything) whether logged in or not – just the Europe sale

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