Marriott’s 29 Ways to Stay is Coming to an End – What Have You Won?

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After some initial hiccups, Marriott’s “29 Ways to Stay” seems to have gone as planned. Unfortunately, the promotion is nearing the end as today is Day 28 of 29.

If you haven’t played yet, you still have a couple of opportunities to do so. Click here to log-in and play. It doesn’t matter whether you answer correctly (although every true/false answer is “true”) or whether you quickly pair up the cards.

If you win one of the daily prizes, you should receive e-mail confirmation. I would hang on to those e-mails. Since the points are supposed to appear 8-10 weeks after the promotion ends, you might eventually want a record of whether Marriott’s IT has correctly credited your points.


How Many Points Did You Win?

Unfortunately I had atrocious luck. Apart from a couple of 500-point wins, I received 50 points perhaps 60-70% of the time. Not once did my SPG account win more than 50 points. Glitch, or bad karma for playing twice? I guess we’ll see what Marriott means by “*subject to verification”.

How about you? Were you also stuck on 50? Or did some lucky reader win free nights or a large number or points?


  1. Voltron says

    Approx 5k, lets see if they post and hopefully there won’t be another points de-valuation post marriott/spg merger

  2. Scottydogg says

    A few 50 and that was it
    Highly dissapointing promotion
    Will be nice if i was to win the big prize tho !

  3. Keith says

    This promotion was dreadful in its implementation plus time value. 50 points or nil points for 5 to 10 minutes? I did it for one reason: I needed 1100 points to get to 12500 redemption on an old account. I opened up three browsers and did the entry three times on three accounts. As if luck would have it, I got a 1000 points on the account I needed them on. 500 on the other two – once. Plus an equal amount of 50s and nil pois. Marriott isn’t even petit pois. They’re just soggy peas who are losing money by having 29 brands. ‘Look how shite we are’ ‘we’re so shite we run a competition to let you know how shite we are because we need 29 brands’

  4. Trident3 says

    There’s 145 minutes (29 x 5) of my life I won’t get back again. I hope the intern who designed this is back on the ‘office cofee run’ soon.

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