Visit Ethiopia – a Modern, Vibrant Country!

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We of course love to travel here at Insideflyer. Indeed, we’re all about open-mindedness, progression and inclusivity, and we find few things encourage that more than a heavily-stamped passport.

With that in mind, what better place to talk about than present-day Ethiopia? A colourful hub of culture, today’s Addis Ababa is a safe and diverse city, influenced by both African tradition and more recent European occupation.

From the delights of the Merkato district, the largest open market in Africa, and the impressive Grand Anwar Mosque through to the impressive Octagon-shaped St George’s Cathedral, there is plenty to keep the cultured traveller entertained.

Outside of the capital, you can head for points of interest like the spectacular town of Lalibela, famed for its rock-cut monolithic churches. For a further taste of the great outdoors, the Unesco World Heritage-listed Simien Mountains National Park will wow you with its spectacular landscape.

So, ignore those who would have you believe Ethiopia remains irreversibly blighted by the misfortunes of decades ago. This is a progressive, energetic nation with a huge amount going for it.

You can get to Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airlines, a member of Star Alliance.


      • Vasco says

        I thought so too, and any doubts were cleared by the last line:

        You can get to Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airlines, a member of Star Alliance.

        *insert troll face*

  1. Anna says

    This is AWESOME!! Thank you for this wonderful article on Ethiopia, one can always head for points in various websites 🙂

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