Marriott Rewards Now Dishing Out Free Points, Daily

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Craig has been covering in some detail the new Marriott Rewards “29 Ways to Stay” Sweepstakes. The comp lets you enter daily until 8 November, for a chance to instantly win Marriott Rewards points (50 to 20,000) and hotel stays, and gain entry to a grand prize.

Despite various teething problems, the dust has now settled on this promo. Both my personal experience and feedback from our readers has been pretty good. For the last two days, for example, I have won 500 points.

Our readers have also reported fairly regular point wins, with 500 points on a given day seemingly very common. Notably, one win does not now preclude future wins, and repeat wins appear to be pretty standard for those who persevere.

500 points by itself may not get you particularly far, but it all adds up. I have forgotten to play on various days, but am still 1050 points up. The key point here is this promo does appear to be well worth the 30 seconds a day it takes you to play.

We regularly talk about a mentality of “saving the pennies and the pounds add up” at InsideFlyer. I fully appreciate this philosophy is a little hard to subscribe to when you’re spending hours to earn a handful of loyalty points (think eRewards), but this is a classic case of an easy little haul to top up your Marriott balance.


  1. Andy says

    I won 10,000 points today! Not sure if there’s anywhere I can stay in the UK with that amount, but it’s still a nice boost to my account.

  2. Adam says

    For anyone still waiting on Amex SPG points transfer from September, I got credited my missing points into my Amex account today.

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