A New Budget Hilton Option Appears

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Via a press release, Hilton today announced the launch of Motto by Hilton. In Hilton’s own words, “its newest affordable lifestyle brand that will empower guests by giving them the freedom to create their own experiences in the world’s most sought-after cities“.


motto by hilton

The concept: smaller room = cheaper room

In ordinary language, Motto seems to be a micro-hotel option that allows you to save on cost due to the much more compact size of the rooms.

Unable to say anything in relation to this new brand that’s not ludicrously florid, Hilton describe Motto as a “micro-hotel with an urban vibe in prime global locations“.

It seems to have evolved from Hilton’s research that concluded that travellers who stay in hostels do not like rooming with strangers. I am not sure how much they spent on reaching that conclusion, but I would have told them it for £5 and 200 Honors points.

The key selling points

Having trudged through the horrendous marketing-speak of the Hilton press release, here are the Motto highlights (I’ve deleted the bits so waffley they actually don’t even have a point):

  • Prime Locations: It’s about giving travellers access to the best location – being in the heart of the city and in the most popular neighborhoods.
  • Affordability: Competitive rates that open the doors to cities and locations that travelers didn’t think they could afford.
  • Flexibility: Motto by Hilton hotels will show off their flexibility through spaces that have been cleverly designed, technology that makes travelling seamless and a standout sleep experience that makes recharging easier than ever.
  • Guest Rooms: With an average footprint of 163 square feet or 14 square meters, the highly efficient rooms will include space-saving features such as wall-beds, lofted beds, segmented shower and toilet stalls, and multi-functional furniture that can be discreetly stowed when not in use.
  • Sleep: Motto by Hilton hotels will put an emphasis on a premium sleep experience. Whether it is a premium mattress; a Sleep Kit with eye masks, essential oils or vitamin bars; a white noise app; blackout window shades; or sound absorbing materials throughout the room, Motto by Hilton is sleep-obsessed and prioritizes quality sleep for every traveler.

So, in short, it appears Motto will offer quality rooms in quality locations, just rooms that are a lot smaller. That works for me – if I pay half the price for a room half the size, all is good.

The rooms

You can have a look at some of the room designs on this page, to see how Motto is quite cleverly maximising the space. I particularly like the bunk bed.


Motto will be made up of a “carefully curated portfolio of hotels in the most desirable urban destinations throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia Pacific“.

Specific venues include the 100-bed Motto by Hilton in Marylebone, London, with a 2020 opening currently targeted. Motto by Hilton also has deals in various stages of development in (among other places) Lima, Dublin, Savannah, San Diego, Boston and Washington DC.

Will it be part of Hilton Honors?

It certainly will. Clearly, we have no idea what the redemption rates will be, but there’s no reason to think that earning rates will be anything other than the standard 10 Honors points per US dollar.

Overall thoughts

If Hilton give me a well-designed, compact room at a good price, I’ll happily take it. I’m not precious about vast expanses to accommodate luxurious carpets etc. Frankly, a bed and a shower will do me. So I’ll be very interested to see the pricing for the Motto options, both via cash and Honors points. We’ll keep you updated as the hotels are rolled out.


  1. Michael Jennings says

    I’ve stayed in Ibis Budget hotels with pretty much the same layout as the “bunkie” room. The Hilton has nicer looking furniture in this mockup, but I guess we wait and see what the actual rooms look like.

    I’m not saying it’s bad – I think it’s quite good. I don’t think it’s very original though.

    • Miles Hunt says

      Agreed. I enjoyed the way Hilton seem to be saying they’ve come up with a unique new room concept: smaller and therefore cheaper rooms. Pretty sure this has been the case since the concept of paid hospitality was created.

  2. Craig Sowerby says

    Why sell one £250 room when you can squeeze in three £125 rooms instead…

    I’d rather book one of the cheaper, tiny “single” rooms at a full service hotel, and hope to be upgraded out of it.

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