Travel Hacking Toolkit – INSANE Discount On Quality VPN

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There are a number of useful tools for any committed travel hacker, and a functioning VPN is most certainly one of them.

In short, it allows you to technically “transfer” your computer to anywhere globally, to enable you to benefit from promos or offers limited to a certain limited geolocation, amongst many other things. It also lets you access certain accounts when you’re abroad, which can sometimes be an issue (eg Tesco Clubcard, which does not permit foreign log in).

cheap vpn

Away from pure travel hacking, there are also a number of advantages to a VPN, from watching iPlayer while abroad, through to anonymising your web activity.

Anyway, via Topcashback you can currently get an absolutely phenomenal deal on the excellent NordVPN. To be clear, this is not a sponsored or in any way “promotional” post, it is just a staggeringly good offer.

If you sign up to a two year plan with NordVPN via Topcashback, you will get:

  • 72% off
  • an extra three months free
  • 60% cashback on the amount you end up paying

Ironically, despite me currently being in Gibraltar, the pricing is showing in Euros. If only I had a good quality VPN to transfer myself to the UK…

Anyway, the (Euro) maths are as follows:

  • The two year plan ordinarily costs EUR 258.12
  • You will pay EUR 71.20 for two years, plus three months free
  • However, you will also receive 60% cashback on that EUR 71.20 payment (EUR 42.72), taking your total outlay to EUR 28.48 for 27 months of high quality VPN.

I genuinely struggle to see how you will ever get a better VPN deal than that, but feel free to correct me in the comments if you can beat it.

Hurry though, this offer ends today!


  1. Joe Worthington says

    Do you have any examples of when you/anyone you know has used a VPN to get travel discounts? I like to see myself as a serious travel hacker, but I have only saved the odd pound or two on flights by using VPNs, so it would be useful to let readers know what we could expect and how to target hacking via VPNs.

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