Receive Instant Spire Status from IHG Rewards Club… Maybe

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Details of a special offer have emerged. IHG Rewards Club is offering “Instant Spire” status for 90 days, with the opportunity to extend it by completing a certain number of nights within those 90 days.

Let me make clear that this offer appears targeted at specific companies, yet no details are provided regarding who is eligible. So this is a speculative opportunity that may or may not work out for you.

Even if you receive a confirmation e-mail, you might never receive the upgraded Spire status or you might find yourself targeted in the future for an account audit.

If that proviso hasn’t scared you off, you MUST sign up before 31 October, 2018. You can try your luck by clicking hereYou might need to input the promotion code – 74680.

To extend your new Spire status for the 2019 calendar year, within 90 days you must complete:

  • 10 qualifying nights for Spire status
  • 5 qualifying nights for Platinum status

For the purposes of this offer, you must book directly with and pay a minimum of $35 for your room night (so no award nights). If you have a corporate code / account, that should also work fine. Stays that don’t normally earn points and status credit will definitely not count for this offer.

If you successfully complete all ten nights, you will receive all of the benefits of Spire status, including the 25,000 bonus points that IHG members receive when qualifying for Spire status.

I decided to try my luck with this promotion. One reader has already signed up and talked to IHG Rewards Club, who confirmed that the fast track promotion is correctly showing on his account. I don’t always believe what IHG agents tell me – read this post here for details – but data points such as these are still valuable.

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  1. Tilly71 says

    As a follow up to your article on auto converting VA from Clubcard, rumours circulating of a potential 10% bonus but emails Been received.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Thanks. The email I received from Virgin Atlantic was almost impossible to decipher, but definitely no mention of 10%. Will start poking around to see what info I can find…

  2. andy..T says

    I received the following email from Virgin Atlantic last week:
    By signing up to automatically convert your Clubcard points, you’re already stacking up the miles for your next Virgin Atlantic flight. And to say thanks, we’re automatically entering you into a prize draw to win a whopping 100,000 miles. That’s enough miles to take two of you all the way to New York flying in Premium.

    Who knew the big shop could become your next big adventure?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I got the same e-mail, but I’ve already turned off auto-convert. Perhaps the saddest part is that 100,000 miles is apparently “whopping”, yet barely enough to get you to New York in Upper Class.

    • Tilly71 says

      That’s the same email we got, I think everyone that signed up last Q to auto convert got that one.
      There is another email in circulation offering a 10% bonus if you convert vouchers. I have done a test run with a voucher so will report back!

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