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We have previously covered the benefits of the BA eStore, and while the content is largely identical, there’s an Aer Lingus Aer Club option too (with a slightly more Irish flavour, unsurprisingly).

The similarity with the BA version ordinarily makes this option largely irrelevant, but in their delight at the launch of their new-look site, you’ll collect 500 free Avios as a bonus when you shop via the AerClub eStore between 4 October 2018 and 21 October 2018.

With a vast array of retailers, including a number of travel retailers, both the Avios-currency eStores are well worth a look.

Travel options include:

  • Agoda at 6 Avios / €1
  • at 4 Avios / €1
  • at 6 Avios / €1
  • Travelodge at 4 Avios / €1

While the BA eStore is likely to be the better option in general for the UK resident, it clearly makes sense to try and get your next purchase through Aer Club if you can, to bag the free Avios bonus.


  1. Ian McDowall says

    Hi. Whilst on Aer Lingus. Can anyone explain why air miles from the Atlantic leg of an aer lingus flight from LGW to MIA are shown on the BA executive account as ineligible flight with only the miles from the LGW DUB leg showing.

      • Ian Perry says

        I think some Aer Lingus fare classes don’t earn Avios in BAEC, but would do in Aer Club. I’m surprised that a TATL flight has that issue, but I’ve seen it with a LHR-SNN. Fortunately I checked before booking, and credited to Aer Club.

      • Ian McDowall says

        Where do I find the code. Is it a single letter.?
        Also the fare was a standard single LGW MIA via DUB but we were offered an option to offer an amount to upgrade to business which we took and then 3 days before departure we were advised of the upgrade.

        • Craig Sowerby says

          The upgrade will be the issue. You probably don’t receive any additional Avios or Tier Points for the upgrade, but you definitely should receive it for the base fare. Get in touch with BAEC.

  2. Andrew H says

    I can see the link now, thank you!

    From the Ts and Cs

    ” All hotel, travel bookings and subscription purchases are excluded from this Bonus Avios offer”

    Might want to update the article to remove those travel websites!

    There are a hell of a lot of exclusions for this deal:

  3. Andreas says

    Anyone having problems logging in? I can get into my account, but I can’t sign in with the same credentials to the Aerclub estore.

    Once it is fixed and I can login, it looks like AliExpress is a retailer so I will buy something there and bank the 500 Avios.

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