You Can Now Win 50 Points per Day in the Marriott Sweepstakes

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A few days ago I wrote how Marriott had set up a sweepstakes where members could only win once, even if that prize were a mere 50 points.

It appears that Marriott has finally realised their mistake and has fixed the promotion. So now, members can win 50 points each day.


I want to be clear that I’m just being cynical... I hope that some readers out there have managed to win more than 50 points more than once. Alas I appear to be stuck on 50 points though…


If you are late to the promotion, you can read about it by clicking here.


Or you can jump straight to the promotion by clicking here. Your odds don’t improve by answering the questions correctly, so no need to Google the answers…

Let us know how you get on with hopefully winning more than 50 points.


  1. Tilly71 says

    After initially winning 50 pts on day one I subsequently won zero on the following days. Reading the thread on FT people started reporting winning points again so tried, won 50 pts over two accounts and this morning 500 pts & 50.
    Maybe more points as rewards as most had given up, who knows the mind of Marriott…

  2. A K says

    So I didnt read it and guessed, but does this actually make sense?

    Where can you find Westin?
    Correct. The answer is “3 p.m.”

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