Flash Sale on Buying Points from IHG Rewards Club

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IHG Rewards Club has announced a flash sale that will run until 22 March, 2018.

IHG Rewards Club members receive a 100% bonus when buying at least 5,000 points. In order to receive the cheapest price per point, you must buy at least 26,000 points however.

I believe that all accounts are eligible, although you need to log-in to your IHG Rewards Club account to check for yourself. You can also click here to jump to IHG’s “Buy Points webpage.

Does it Make Sense?

As always… that depends! But you would be buying points for 0.5 cents apiece. (roughly 0.36p) So, a PointBreaks hotel would cost between £18-54 per night, a likely bargain.

At the top end, a 70,000 point per night Intercontinental would cost you £252. That’s out of my usual budget range, but again it is likely to be a discount on the room rate during peak season in New York, London or similarly expensive cities…

Of course, if you are making judicious use of the Accelerate promotion, you might already have a decent stash of IHG points and don’t feel the need to buy more, even if the price is decent.


I suspect that IHG set these promotions up as “flash sales” because people sometimes get carried away and buy points that they don’t ultimately need. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. But if you know what you’re doing, stay regularly at IHG hotels (both paid and reward), then this promotion is an opportunity that might interest you


  1. Roger says

    You earn decent amount of points using IHG credit card, I wouldn’t buy IHG points, same like Avios.
    SPG (which I bought last week) is a different ball game though!

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I agree with you about the relative merits of SPG and IHG, but I’m not quite sure I follow your logic Roger. SPG has a credit card, just like IHG and BA. So why not just get the SPG Amex?

      • Roger says

        The flexibility of airline transfer as well as Marriott travel package using SPG points is a game changer for many miles and points collectors.

        I have nearly quarter of a million IHG points but cannot justify spending when cash rates are very low. I would also not use SPG points for hotel stays but rather for airline transfer or MTP.

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