Earn Marriott Rewards Points (and in turn, SPG Starpoints!) from shopping

Marriott Rewards

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We’ve talked before about shopping portals, such as the Avios e-store but Marriott has launched their own (actually some time ago, but rather quietly. It’s called Marriott Rewards MORE, and can be found here

Interestingly, as well as earning points, you can also choose to spend them in part of full payment at supported retailers.

Supported Retailers

A broad range of retailers are supported, with varying earning rates in common with other portals and cashback sites. These range from 1 point / £ up to 10 points / £.

Family Essentials

Marriott Rewards MORE

Essentials? Everyone needs Apple products, right?

Fashion Finds

Marriott Rewards

Active Style

Marriott Rewards

Tech Needs

Marriott Rewards

Luxe Treasures

Marriott Rewards

Obviously there’s repetition in here, but thankfully there is a ‘Show All Retailers’ option that makes it much easier to find a retailer you’re looking for.

Technical Details

Marriott has taken a different technical direction to most other shopping portals and cashback sites, and requires you to install a browser plugin. From what I can see, they’ve done this to allow payment with points at checkout. The rate isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not the best use at around 0.27p / point. Check out Craig’s excellent article to see we really should value them at 0.66p.

The plugin intercepts the checkout process to give you the option to choose a number of points to redeem, or to pay ‘cash’ and earn points. This looks like this in action, if you wanted to knock some cash off the ludicrous price of Apple’s latest offering;

Marriott Rewards


Only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari are supported. There is also have a mobile app for Android and Apple iOS devices.

How quickly do they credit?

Here’s the thing – STRAIGHT AWAY! No more waiting weeks, wondering if they’ll ever turn up. I made a test purchase of a few bulbs from Maplin on Tuesday evening and the points were in my Marriott account the same day.

Any other benefit?

Yes! Despite what I would expect, they reset your Marriott points expiry. If, like me, you haven’t actually stayed at a Marriott for a while this can be very useful indeed . Marriott Rewards’ Ts and Cs state you must ‘Stay or redeem points’ every 2 years, but my account has reset with this purchase:

Marriott Rewards

If only Joe had done this, he could have saved himself some stress.

Hopefully this proves valuable to some of our readers to enable:

  • Boosting Marriott Rewards balance (and then having the ability to instantly move them to SPG Starpoints!)
  • Resetting your expiry easily and very quickly
  • Swapping some excess miles that maybe you can’t use for an upfront discount

The earning rates appear somewhat lower than the Avios e-store. Taking Apple for example at 1 Marriott point or 4 Avios per £ spent, Avios looks like much better value. However, if you have no use for Avios, and are about to see thousands of Marriott points expire, then maybe Marriott Rewards MORE would be the smarter option.

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