How to Find Virgin Red Rock Your World Codes…

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A couple of weeks ago, we explained what points-savvy travellers ought to know about Virgin’s ‘Rock Your World’ competition, delivered through the Virgin Red pan-Virgin loyalty app. We even shared an exclusive code of our own to help get you started. Now that the end of September (and therefore the end of the competition) is looming, we thought we’d share some more tips on how to find Virgin Red Rock Your World codes.

Before we get onto the codes, there’s a few other ways you can top up your points count (and hence get closer to the competitions for the prizes!). These include:

  • Changing your profile photo – 50 points per month – click on your photo in the top left, then click Edit Profile
  • Sharing content – 25 points per item, 5 times a month – pick an offer, click the sharing box in the top right, then share it somehow (eg copy the link…)
  • Verifying with Virgin companies – 250 points per month per company – Link up your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club or Virgin Trains West/East coast accounts

Sadly, the Terms and Conditions say that we’re not allowed to just tell you the codes, otherwise we all risk being disqualified! We can’t even directly point you to all of them, as that’s considered cheating too. We can, however, give you some hints and some more details on where to go hunt!

So, where to look? The biggest and best place is the Virgin Red Twitter feed, all the way back to the start of the month. They’ve posted several codes, lots of hints, lots of links to other codes, and watch out for images with codes hidden in them!

Add in the Virgin Red Instagram and the Virgin Red Facebook accounts, and you should be well on your way.

Next up to check out are the the Virgin Trains West Coast and Virgin Trains East Coast social media accounts.

The water folks over at Virgin Pure have been keen too…

For the more active, Virgin Active is well worth a look; as are the sites and social media accounts of Virgin Games, Virgin Experiences, Virgin Games, Virgin Media, and of course the main website and social media too.

Finally,  if all that work has made you thirsty, Virgin Wines might have a code to help…

[WARNING: Make sure you only use codes listed from Virgin sources if you don’t want to be disqualified from the competition. I’ve had official confirmation that the only non-Virgin source that has a code is actually right here on InsideFlyer!]

Have we missed any others? Please don’t post the code! Instead, tips and pointers and clues gratefully received in the comments below…

If you haven’t got involved yet, Download the Virgin Red app here and get looking – the prizes are excellent!

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