500 Free Virgin Flying Club Miles

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We’ve previously talked in depth about e-Rewards, the “miles for opinions” website. Its appeal varies for different people. My personal view is it’s not really worth the bother, but many disagree.

What I think we are all agreed on, however, is that the “first survey bonus” is generally a good opportunity. Sign up to an e-Rewards partner running a bonus and complete (or get screened out of) just one survey, and you’ll get a bonus haul of points.

One such opportunity is currently available with Virgin Flying Club. Sign up here and you’ll receive 500 Flying Club miles when you complete your first survey within 2 months of enrolling.

Note that if you already have an e-Rewards account with another partner (e.g. Avios), you’ll need to sign up with a new email address. All other details can be the same.

Whether you want to continue with e-Rewards after the sign up bonus is entirely up to you. As ever, I will be banking the bonus and moving on. My personal view is that unless you really enjoy filling in these surveys (I find them somewhat turgid), it’s just not worth it on a time/reward basis. 


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Hi all, I’ve done quite well out of E-rewards . I tend to convert them to Hilton Honors….

    I think from memory 8,000 E-rewards gets you 6,000 Hilton Honors? The surveys are quite time consuming though so perhaps best for those of us who spend quite a lot of time waiting around at airports & the like!! (NB some of the surveys don’t work properly on mobiles/tablets, I would stick to your laptop if I was you)

    I totally agree with Miles that the sign up bonuses are worth having in themselves even if you don’t take it any further?

    N – xxxxx

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