Stacking Hilton promotions for great savings on short stays!

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Right now, Hilton have a number of offers and promotions, almost too many to keep track of…. The good news though is that (almost) all of these can combine together (we try to do that for you though!) The practical upshot of which is that, right now, a cheap stay at a Hilton hotel can get you a very hefty rebate through points and miles.

How about £40 back on a £85 stay? That’s almost half-price!

Impossible you might think? Think again!

Based on Craig’s valuation of points, my one-night £85 stay earnt me 4541 Hilton Honors points = £19, plus 2086 avios = £21. In total, that’s £40 back in points and miles, or almost 50%.

To make this work, I stacked together a number of different offers and promotions. The first is 2,000 bonus British Airways Executive Club avios for 5 stays. The second is double points for all members, and triple points for Hilton Diamond members. The third is 500 points per app booking. The final one is the bonus points for being a Hilton Diamond member.

Now, to get this high return on my stay, it did take a few things. It required me to be staying at one of the higher-end Hilton properties (eg Hilton, Conrad), in order to get the 1000 bonus points as a Hilton Diamond guest – something like a Hilton Garden Inn would’ve been lower, and a Hampton even lower. Secondly, it requires me to be a Hilton Diamond member, to get the triple points offer and the bonus points. For a regular guest, the rebate would be lower on the Hilton Honors points, but the same on BA avios, so maybe £30. That’s still not bad!

In London, you may struggle to get a Hilton hotel for just £85. Outside of London, or elsewhere in Europe, it can be done. I’ve heard great things about Aberdeen hotels on weekends, for example. There are some very very cheap Hilton hotels there on quiet weekends. Why not combine with the current Virgin Trains flash sale, and have a nice weekend in Scotland? 🙂

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of these Hilton Honors promotions, you’ll need to register for them first! To find out more, and to sign up, see our posts on 2,000 Avios for 5 stays, double/triple Hilton Honors points and 500 bonus points for app bookings.

Also, if you need to change your earning preferences to Points+Miles with BA, take a look at this post on your earning preferences to check how. Enjoy your summer stays, and earn points!


    • Nick Burch says

      Ah, looks like it ended last night, I thought it’d run into the weekend but was wrong. Sorry about that. Keep an eye on their twitter account though, they’ll probably do more based on recent experiences!

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