Earn 10,000 Bonus Avios From 5 Hilton Honors Stays

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Hilton Honors has announced a very lucrative promotion for those who choose “Points & Miles” and select British Airways (Avios) as their airline partner.

For each of your first five stays between now and 31 August, 2017, you can earn 2,000 Avios for each stay at a Hilton Honors property.

As usual with these promotions, you need to pre-register by clicking on this link. If you haven’t done it already, you need to set your Hilton Honors account to Double Dip “Points & Miles”, with British Airways as your preferred airline partner.

Since this promotion is applicable to the miles portion of “Double Dip”, it will stack quite nicely with the current Double / Triple points promotion.

In general, Hilton Honors promotions also apply for reward stays, as long as you charge something to your room to trigger the earning of a handful of points/miles…

This is a nice little bonus but, as always, it is disappointing that Hilton Honors make no effort to inform members. (and I had a cheap Hampton stay at the weekend that would have qualified) But that’s why you have InsideFlyer to do the research for you…  (although in this case the HT goes to MilesFromBlighty)



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      • Joe Deeney says

        Haha – my best/worst was a whistlestop tour to Vegas a few years ago. 10 different hotels (and a night on a plane) out of 11 nights. Shannon-Boston-LA-Vegas(4 nights, 4 different hotels – average bed time: ~5:30am)-LA-Paris-Berlin-London. By the second night in Vegas (about half way through the trip) I didn’t really know what was going on anymore. Great trip, but looking back I’m not entirely sure how I managed to make all my flights etc. These days I think I’d do 2 different hotels in Vegas max… maybe. 🙂

  1. Andrew H says

    Ace deal!

    Worth pointing out this:

    “Allow up to six weeks after check-out, and after promotion has ended, for miles to be credited to your account. ”

    So even if you do all five stays in May, you might not get the points until October.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Thanks for pointing that out, but in previous promos such as this I’ve always received my bonus miles at the same time as the stay posting to my account.

      I’m sure somebody will provide a data point in due course…

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