£18.75 Easyjet credit for £10

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Until 22 June, you can earn a very easy 3750 Nectar points for a spend of just £10. Nectar points be used for a variety of redemptions, including at Sainsbury’s, with a generally inflexible 0.5p a point value.

So 3750 Nectar points is worth at least £18.75.

Nectar points can also be used to pay for Easyjet flights, again at a 0.5p per point rate.

Via a current offer from Betfair Bingo, you will get the 3750 Nectar points simply for signing up here and depositing and playing £10.

One slight caveat: Nectar points can generally only be redeemed in blocks of 500 (and certainly that’s the case with Easyjet), so if you’re new to Nectar you may need to earn a further 250 points before you can redeem your final 250 points.

You say “spend” £10. Might I win?

Yes. We are referring to it as a £10 spend, because you should assume you’ll never see the £10 again. You might win some of the £10 back (or better) but regardless, see the red line warning below.

Gamble Aware

A bingo habit will almost certainly not make you money. We strongly recommend that when you’ve bagged the free Nectar points bonus, you call it a day. Certainly, you should Gamble Aware.

There are no InsideFlyer affiliate links in this post and we won’t make a penny from your Betfair sign up – this is just a very good way of getting a solid Nectar points haul at very good value. 

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