Fantastic New GHA Discovery Status Match Opportunity! (TBC)

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German travel blog YouHaveBeenUpgraded (YHBU) is reporting that it is currently possible to take advantage of a GHA Discovery status match to get top-tier Black status.

According to YHBU, all you have to do is send an email requesting a status match to [email protected]. I included my GHA Discovery account details and screenshots of my status with other hotel programmes, as I’m not entirely sure what programmes they are matching. I haven’t had a response yet and will update the post once I do.

What is GHA Discovery?

GHA Discovery is the loyalty programme used by 35 independent luxury hotel brands, like Kempinski, Omni, Corinthia and Anantara.

It doesn’t really work like a traditional programme – there are no Points or free nights awarded for stays. Instead, you get ‘Local Experiences’ every time you stay at new brand (or requalify for status), on top of traditional status benefits like upgrades and late check-out.

Some of the Local Experiences are brilliant, like a helicopter tour of Hong Kong.

Is Black status any good?


Ordinarily, it requires 30 nights and as well as the Local Experiences, you get the following benefits:

  • Free water
  • Free internet
  • Free newspaper
  • Gift at check in
  • 24 hour room guarantee
  • Double upgrade (if available)
  • Late check out until 18:00 (if available)
  • Early check-in from 09:00 (if available)

Bottom line

Assuming the GHA Discovery status match works out as planned, it could be a very useful indeed.

Upgrades and late check-out are things I really appreciate on some stays, and being able to get benefits like that at 35 different hotel chains from just 1 match would be fantastic! I’d certainly be more tempted to give Kempinski etc a try.

I’m very intrigued by the Local Experiences too and it would be great to see how they work in practice.

Has anyone got experience of GHA Discovery Black status?

Hat-tip: YHBU


  1. Nick Burch says

    As an alternative, if you subscribe to Business Traveller, you can get the mid-tier GHA Platinum. I’d suggest the Heathrow Rewards sign-up for BT, I believe it’s the best discount available. I quite like the magazine too!

    (Once you’re subscribed, your account should be updated shortly after to show you’re a subscriber. Then, head to the members area, and you’ll be able to see the GHA offer. It describes the steps to get the Platinum status, IIRC which involves signing up then emailing BT from your subscriber email your GHA details, then waiting 1-2 weeks)

  2. Rob Rixon says

    Hi Joe – any joy as yet? I’m reluctant to send my details off to them until I hear a success story!

    • Joe Deeney says

      No reply yet – I’m away at the moment but will chase them up next week if I don’t hear anything.

  3. Cindy Smith says

    I requested a Status Match From DISCOVERY at [email protected] and this is what they sent me. Could help others looking for a status match.
    Thank you for your interest in a status match with the DISCOVERY Membership Program. Below are the items we will need you to provide to be considered for a status match.
    • Provide your DISCOVERY Member number or if not currently a member, sign up for a DISCOVERY Membership Account and provide your membership number.

    • One stay in the last 12 months with a DISCOVERY Brand hotel, the stay would need to be booked in the name listed on your membership account as the primary name on the reservation. An invoice, receipt, or proof that the stay on your DISCOVERY membership will be required. (Please note, only stays booked within 90 days of enrollment can be linked to your membership account per policy if you are a new member)
    • A status match requires clear screenshot that included your current elite status, the number of the qualified nights supporting your current level and confirmation of the active status or future expiration with a comparable chain or program. These Screen shots must be in the English Language.
    • Clear screen shots of your detailed stay history including hotel name, arrival and departure dates from the brand you are trying to status match your DISCOVERY Membership with. (DISCOVERY only matches to nights not to stays with other brands.)
    General Notes about Status Matches
    • Status Matches or Fast Tracks are eligible for in house benefits, for example room upgrades (based on availability), Complimentary WI-FI services, and a bottle of water.
    • Status Matches or Fast Tracks do not qualify for Local Experiences. Local Experiences are only earned when members achieve the tier level and have the required tier nights for the tier level.
    • DISCOVERY Status Match matches to the comparable level earned based on qualified nights only. For example, if the alternate program based offers the highest tier level on 26 stays or 35 nights, our status match offer only considers the 35 nights. Even if a guest has earned the highest tier with number of stays, our status match would be based meeting the qualified nights and therefor the lower level.
    • Once the required information is received, your request will be reviewed to determine if a Status Match can be confirmed. A Status Match offers can only be granted as a one-time courtesy. Following the status match period, tier status will be based on the actual qualified nights on the profile during the previous calendar year.

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