(BREAKING) 25% TopCashback Avios Transfer Bonus!

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It’s no secret that we love cashback sites here at InsideFlyer – because they provide the opportunity to save big money on travel (or pretty much anything) for very little effort. In particular, we like TopCashback because it effectively allows you to use your cashback to buy British Airways Avios at a substantially cheaper rate than BA normally sells them directly for.  We are therefore particularly pleased to share the news that there will be a 25% TopCashback Avios transfer bonus between 20th March 2017 – 20th May 2017.

The standard transfer bonus from TopCashback these days is 5%, so 25% is a substantial increase. For the duration of the offer, every 1p of cashback transferred will get you 1.25 Avios – in other words, you will be able to effectively buy Avios for 0.8p per Point using your cashback.

At InsideFlyer, we value Avios as being worth roughly 1p each (and you can often redeem them for much more), so that’s a pretty good deal. I would certainly still consider other options, but being able to buy Avios quickly and easily for 0.8p each isn’t bad at all.


The 25% TopCashback Avios transfer bonus starts next Monday, so if you were already considering a transfer from TopCashback to Avios and aren’t in a hurry, wait until then!

Anything else?


If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through our exclusive link and get 1,250 bonus Avios for spending £10 at any retailer on the site (1,050 Avios if you transfer after 20th May) – in addition to any standard cashback you would receive!

If cash is more your thing, new sign ups to TopCashback who register via this link will get £10 cash for spending £10 or more at any merchant on the site.



  1. Mark Smith says

    Hi there

    I’ve been waiting to see if some TopCashBack was becoming “payable” this week, so that I could send them of before the 25% bonus finishes,on the finishes on the 20 May.

    I wanted to wait util the very last day before transferring. Can I thus request a transfer on the actual last day being Saturday 20 May?


    • Joe Deeney says

      The terms are a bit unclear “to 20th May”.

      If at all possible, I would transfer on the 19th or before to be safe. I can’t really see much benefit in waiting one more day if you already have the cashback, and if you don’t have the cashback yet then you don’t have an option but to wait anyway.

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