Up To 16,000 Airline Miles With ‘Mile Madness’ From Rocketmiles

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Hotel booking site Rocketmiles has just launched a fun and potentially lucrative promotion -‘Mile Madness’.

This seems to be based around the popular US college basketball tournament ‘March Madness’ and offers the opportunity to receive up to 16,000 airline miles in a programme of your choice (Avios, American, Alaska, United, Singapore etc).

I’m slightly confused as to why Rocketmiles decided to send emails about this out to UK members (many of whom must be equally ignorant as me as regards American college sport? – I fully admit I had to do a bit of frantic googling before writing this post!). Regardless, it’s a potentially a good offer and works like this:

There are 64 teams competing in the March Madness tournament and Rocketmiles has seeded them between 1-16. 1 for (what I assume are…) the hot favourites and 16 for the no hopers, with the rest somewhere in the middle.

Head to this page to select a team and enter the email address you use for your Rocketmiles account.

If the team you choose wins the tournament, your next stay will get you 1,000 bonus Miles x the team’s seed number.  So,  if you chose Texas Southern for example and they won, you would earn 16,000 Miles from your next Rocketmiles stay!

Unless you happen to know something about college basketball, I would recommend just picking a team seeded somewhere in the middle, so that they stand an outside chance of winning and the amount of Miles you would end up with would be substantial. Remember, you do still have to book a stay after the tournament to get the Miles.

You have until 16th March 2017 to make your choice!


Qualitfying Activity: To be eligible for this promotion, all responses must be submitted with this specific promotional link (www.rocketmiles.com/milemadness) by 11:59pm CT on March 16, 2017. Limit one entry per customer. Participants that choose the correct team will be awarded 1,000 bonus miles or points multiplied by that winning team’s seed number, and this award will be applied to their next eligible Rocketmiles booking. Rocketmiles reserves the right to retract a bonus at any time if it detects technical errors, cancel/rebooking activity (defined by identical search criteria), or any deceptive behavior attempted to circumvent the limits expressed above including multiple accounts. Promotional offer cannot be applied to existing bookings, retroactively applied to bookings not made using the link above or combined with any other offers. Promotion cannot be redeemed through Norwegian Reward CashPoints, Amazon.com Gift Cards, Best Buy Gift Cards, The Home Depot Gift Cards, airberlin topbonus, or American Airlines Business Extra®. See www.rocketmiles.com/terms for full terms.


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Even people who do follow U.S. college basketball can’t really pick a winner.

    However, “low seeds” are really too much of a long-shot, whilst there’s no point picking a favourite and just getting a 1,000 mile bonus you won’t bother with.

    Choose a team seeded 3 to 6, maybe 7, as they are the only ones with a change of winning but also getting you a worthwhile bonus.

  2. HarryTheHacker says

    So it’s the work of a few minutes to create 64 new email addresses, use each to register with RM (new IP each time !!) then pick each of the teams…

    It’s not obvious to me how they would prevent this ?

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