Booking Virgin Trains tickets soon? Check your Nectar offers – £17.50 off for some!

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Virgin Trains (both West and East) offer points if you book your trains on their websites. While the East Coast Trains loyalty scheme is very sadly long gone, you can still earn Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles and Nectar Points on your bookings on their websites. Until the 22nd of February, you might be targetted for some quite attractive offers if you credit to Nectar!

There are currently two (we think targetted) Nectar offers floating about, which will only apply to you if they’re showing in your Nectar account offers page. Login, and see if you have them, they stack if you do!

The first, if you have it, is available here. It offers 3,000 Nectar points (worth at least £15, possibly more) on journeys booked between 16-22 February, for travel by 30 April 2017, on either Virgin West Coast or Virgin East Coast, worth over £30.

Note that, while the T&Cs don’t quite clearly state it, the booking will need to be made on the matching website (so Virgin Trains West Coast for a West Coast trip, Virgin Trains East Coast for an East Coast Trip), and needs to be a ticket valid on the appropriate Virgin Trains services of the site you’re using, as well as being £30 or more in cost. (Booking a ticket for travel elsewhere in the UK on one of the two sites, or a ticket with a railcard that Virgin don’t accept, won’t trigger the bonus).

The second, which you may have too, is a Virgin Trains West Coast only offer (shown here if you have it). It’s worth 500 Nectar point (worth at least £2.50 = free lunch) if you have it. This one expires 8 Mar 2017, so you’ve a little longer to use, but should stack.

For both of these, you need to ensure that your Virgin Trains West / East coast account is set to earn Nectar Points, and not Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles. For East Coast, you need to go to this page in your East Coast Account, and ensure your account page looks something like this:

If you’re booking with Virgin West Coast, especially to take advantage of the second offer, you can’t (we believe…) record you Nectar card number on your account. Instead, once you’ve picked your tickets, towards the bottom of the checkout page, you should see a section to enter your Nectar card something like this:

If you’re targetted, and were planning to travel with one of the Virgin Trains companies anyway, enjoy those extra Nectar points!

Full T&Cs are:
1. To qualify for 3,000 bonus points you must book your journey between 16-22 February, for travel by 30 April 2017.
2. The total booking value must be £30 or more for customers to receive bonus points on their transaction.
3. 3,000 bonus points will be awarded on first booking made during the promotional period. No further bonus points for multiple bookings are available.
4. Virgin Trains East Coast tickets must be booked at therefore, please accept the redirect from or, book direct at
5. Virgin Trains (West Coast & East Coast) usual booking terms apply.
1. To qualify for 500 bonus points you must book your journey on the Virgin Trains West Coast mainline before the offer expiry date stated above.
2. 500 bonus points will be awarded on first booking made during the promotional period. No further bonus points for multiple bookings are available.
3. Bonus points will be awarded within 28 days of the offer expiry date.
4. Virgin Trains usual booking terms apply.

If you happen to have any different Nectar offers for booking train tickets, please let us know in the comments below!

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