How To Sweeten the New Hilton Promo at High End Hilton Hotels

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We recently published brief details (more to follow when we receive it) of the latest Hilton promo, which offers 2,000 bonus Hilton points a night for stays from 1 February to 30 April 2017.

While a very solid promotion, there is a drawback to this offer compared to the previous (and very frequent) double points offers from Hilton – if your stay is at an expensive Hilton property, this promo is likely to earn you less points than you would have earned with double points.

The reason for this is fairly simple. You earn 10 HHonors “base” points per $1 spent at Hilton, and this is what was doubled in the double points promos. As such, any stay where you spend over $200 a day means you are getting less points via the “2K a day” promo than you would if your base points were doubled.

So, when compared to double points, this Hilton promo is substantially more generous the cheaper your hotel room!

First, a nice little cheap Hilton hack…

Given that you should also get the 2K points on reward stays, another good example of the value of this offer for “lower end” Hiltons is if you use it with a 5 night reward stay at a Hilton Category 1 hotel.

Anyone with Hilton Silver status or upwards gets their 5th night free on reward bookings (i.e. stays paid for with HHonors points). As such, 5 nights at a category 1 hotel (5K points a night) will cost you 20k Hilton HHonors points. Given that you will receive 2K bonus points a day, your net spend in points per night for the 5 night stay will be a remarkable 10K points (i.e. the 20k HHonors points you spent, less the 10k you receive back).

2K points a night, even for the modest surroundings of a Category 1 Hilton hotel, is an excellent price. And we’re not always talking modest…

hilton bonus
Hilton Oman Salalah Resort – stay here for 2k HHonors points a night!

But the title is talking about high end hotels…

It is, I digressed somewhat. Apologies.

If you’re sobbing into your champagne because this promo won’t net you a massive bonus points haul on your next ultra-expensive stay at Hilton high-end brands Conrad or Waldorf Astoria, we have a little something for you.

Sign up via this link, and you will earn 5,000 bonus HHonors points for a 2 night stay at Conrad or Waldorf Astoria hotels until 31 December 2017. I am not entirely sure whether this bonus will apply to existing bookings, but it is worth a try. If you haven’t booked yet, you should sign up for the offer and then use Hilton promo code PBK5P1 when booking.

Conversely, sign up via this link and you will earn 2,000 bonus points per night at Conrad or Waldorf Astoria hotels until 31 December 2017. Again, it appears you need to use a Hilton promo code for this one – PVK2P1.

The obvious caveat to this offer is to check what rate the PVK5P1/PVK2P1 rate code brings up. If it is more expensive than the rate you would otherwise book, you need to work out whether it’s worth paying the extra for the 5K/2K per night points. The answer will almost certainly be no. 


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    This promo isn’t really much good any more.

    In 2014/15, you would get 2K points per night, even on award stays.

    Last year I stayed at a Conrad but didn’t get any bonus points because the difference in price with the special code was higher than the value of the points. And I confirmed with that stay that the “old rules” definitely no longer applied.

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