3100 Bonus Avios (or Other Air Miles) on a £150 Heathrow Spend

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We recently flagged how to earn double Heathrow Rewards points on food and drink. As part of this article, we flagged an additional bonus – new sign ups can earn a further 1100 points when they spend £75 or more, or 2600 points when they spend £150 or more, in one day at Heathrow.

This is nominally an Etihad Guest bonus. We say “nominally” because you earn Heathrow Rewards points, not Etihad Guest miles, so you can transfer the points into any transfer partner, which includes a variety of airline loyalty schemes.

The better offer

In any event, if you’re gunning for the larger spend bonus, a better offer has arrived. You’ll earn 100 bonus points for signing up, plus a further 3000 bonus Heathrow Rewards points when you sign up using promo code AVIOSAO17 and spend £150 or more in one day at Heathrow before 31 December 2017.

Remember – per the above, you don’t need to convert these bonus Heathrow Rewards points to Avios. 

Already have a Heathrow Rewards account?

Given Heathrow Rewards’ flexibility in allowing transfers between different accounts, there is a pretty easy workaround.

Simply open a Heathrow Rewards account in a random name. Then, once you’ve got the points bonus on that card, call or email Heathrow Rewards and get them to transfer the points from that account to your actual account.

While I have not tested it, I do not think that the 100 points will transfer, so the transfer will probably be limited to the 1000/3000 points (Heathrow Rewards have a term saying sign up bonus points cannot be transferred, but I understand that is limited to the 100 points, not the larger bonus). 

Ideally you should register this card with the Avios promo code before you make the qualifying spend, although it should work in any event.

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