Earn £21.90 Per Year Just for Searching for Travel (Maybe…)

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I spotted a potentially interesting offer on TopCashback recently with Booking Buddy, which could earn you £21.90 per year for something you do anyway – searching for flights and hotels!

booking buddy

The deal is very simple – click through from TopCashback to Booking Buddy and then earn a massive 2p cashback for each search you make (up to 3 searches per day).

booking buddy 2

Granted, it’s hardly a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but it would (very slowly!) add up.

If you already use Booking Buddy, or try it out and think it’s useful then you might as well get a little something back.

I almost definitely do at least 3 travel related searches every day (often for friends/family), so will give Booking Buddy a try from now on to see if it’s any good.

Unfortunately, the terms state that it isn’t possible to transfer the cashback to Avios so I can’t really include this alongside John’s classics like 70 Avios a month  or 5 AAdvantage miles per comment.

I should say that I haven’t had the chance to test this properly yet, but the terms seem pretty clear.


The jury is still very much out on this one for me personally, but I thought it was worth sharing. I know a lot of readers get value from completing surveys for Miles etc (I’ve never managed to get quick enough at it myself!) and might see this similarly.



  1. Adam says

    Imutual has a number of travel related daily clicks, on the forum people have posted a list of all free cashback daily clicks, think it works out to be about 40p a day.

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