Last Chance To Buy HEAVILY Discounted SPG Starpoints

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Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (31st December 2016) is the last day to buy SPG Starpoints with a targeted discount of between 25%-50%.


The exact discounts are targeted and range from 25%-50%. If you are lucky enough to have been targeted for anything over 35%, you will be buying Starpoints at the cheapest price I’ve ever seen (the previous best discount was 35%).

To check your own offer, just login here and it will come up automatically. Note that SPG accounts have to have been open at least 14 days to participate (at least that’s what the terms say), so if you don’t already have an account you probably won’t be able to take advantage.

Technically there is a 30,000 Starpoint purchase limit, but as you can gift anyone the Points and still get the discounted price this isn’t a big problem. Transferring Starpoints between other members in the same household (so back to yourself) is free and easy (and you can always transfer via Marriott too if you do encounter any issues).

The numbers

The standard price for Starpoints is ~ 2.6p (3.5 cents) each, so the discounted prices work out as follows:

  • 25% off: ~ 2.14p (2.625 cents) per Starpoint
  • 30% off: ~ 2p (2.45 cents) per Starpoint
  • 35% off: ~ 1.86p (2.275 cents) per Starpoint
  • 40% off: ~ 1.72p (2.1 cents)
  • 45% off: ~ 1.57p(1.925 cents)
  • 50% off: ~ 1.43p  (1.75 cents) per Starpoint

I wrote about potential reasons you might want to take advantage of the offer when it was first announced, and given the current Virgin America/Alaska Mileage Plan arbitrage situation some of those are now even more compelling!

Bottom Line

Half price Starpoints is a superb offer. As a general rule, I don’t really recommend buying Points or Miles, but if you’ve got a 40%+ offer I would take the time to seriously consider it while the opportunity exists.


  1. Pangolin says

    I completely agree that 40% is the point at which it becomes worth shelling out hard cash to acquire Starpoints. The only caveat is if you wanted to pick up a few points to avoid expiration, etc.

    Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat as Andrew above who only got 25%. At 2.6c that’s easy to say no to.

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