Incredible BUSINESS Class Deals Thanks To The Best Ever SPG Starpoints Sale!

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Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) is back with a new offer, this time selling Starpoints for up to 50% off when you purchase 5,000 or more.


The exact discounts are targeted and range from 25%-50%. If you are lucky enough to have been targeted for anything over 35%, you’ll be buying Starpoints at the cheapest price I’ve ever seen (the previous best discount was 35%).

To check your own offer, just login here and it will come up automatically.spg-starpoint-sale

You have until the end of the year to take advantage of the offer (which is great), and SPG accounts have to be at least 14 days old to participate.

It is possible to get the discount when you gift Starpoints to others as well as when buying them for yourself. Each SPG account can only buy or receive a total of 30,000 Starpoints in a year, but it is permitted to gift 30,000 to as many accounts as you like. If you have a 50% offer, this means that you can use that offer to buy cheap Starpoints for friends and family.


It’s also worth recalling that you can then merge your Starpoints with anyone else in the same household as you, free of charge. So, a family with one member who has the 50% discount offer could gift Starpoints to everyone and then have all the Points transferred back into their own account.

It’s difficult to overstate what a great deal 50% off is – I was targeted for 30%, and despite having a very healthy Starpoint balance already, am still half considering buying. If I had been targeted for 50% I would have bought the full annual allowance of 30,000 already.

The numbers

The standard price for Starpoints is ~ 2.6p (3.5 cents) each, so the discounted prices work out as follows:

  • 25% off: ~ 2.14p (2.625 cents) per Starpoint
  • 30% off: ~ 2p (2.45 cents) per Starpoint
  • 35% off: ~ 1.86p (2.275 cents) per Starpoint
  • 40% off: ~ 1.72p (2.1 cents)
  • 45% off: ~ 1.57p(1.925 cents)
  • 50% off: ~ 1.43p  (1.75 cents) per Starpoint

I’m going to use the 1.43p figure in the calculations below, but obviously you can just multiply whatever the number of Points required is by your own discounted cost per Point.

The deals

The best thing about Starpoints is their incredible flexibility (they transfer to over 30 airline loyalty programmes, can be used for Starwood hotels and can now be transferred to Marriott at a great rate too), so there are really too many options to even think about, let alone cover here. I’m just going to focus on a few options for now, but suspect I’ll be returning to this subject more than once in the next 2 months while the sale is on.

The most obvious way to use Starpoints is to book Starwood hotels, and there are some great bargains to be had.

For example, the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel is a Category 2, which means it only costs 3,000 Starpoints at the weekends (4,000 during the week), rather than~£135.00 (150 Euros) per night much of the year.

Sheraton Dubrovnik Twin Room
Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Twin Room

Closer to home, rates at the  Aloft Hotel in Liverpool can be very expensive for Saturday nights (£150.00+), but again it’s a Category 2, so you can just use 3,000 Starpoints instead.

Aloft Hotel, Liverpool
Aloft Liverpool

With the 50% discount, 3,000 Starpoints would set you back just ~ £43.00! That could be a saving of more than two thirds, though remember you do have to purchase at least 5,000 Starpoints to get the discount.

The main reason I love Starpoints though, is the ability to transfer them to a very wide selection of airline loyalty programmes at a rate of 1 Starpoint = 1 Mile/Avios.

There is even a 5,000 Miles/Avios bonus when transferring blocks of 20,000 Starpoints. So, for example, if you transfer 20,000 Starpoints to British Airways Executive Club you would actually get 25,000 Avios in total; or if you transferred 40,000 Starpoints, you would get 50,000 Avios.

This is, by far, the most generous transfer ratio from hotel Points to frequent flyer Miles offered by any of the major hotel programmes.

The range of frequent flyer programmes you can transfer to is exceptional (35 in total, including great value programmes like Virgin America Elevate and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, which are otherwise quite difficult to earn miles with, from the UK). All the usual suspects like American Airlines, BA, Singapore Airlines, KLM/Air France, Etihad etc, are also included.

Singapore Airlines Transatlantic Business Class for ~£800 Return.

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Transfer Starpoints to Virgin America Elevate for great value redemptions on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is one of the very best airlines in the world, and their Airbus A380s are the pride of the fleet, featuring the iconic ‘Suites’ in their First Class cabins. SIA happens to fly one of their A380s on a slightly surprising route between Frankfurt and New York.

Singapore Airlines is a partner of Virgin America, which means that you can redeem Elevate Miles for SIA flights.

The Elevate award chart for redeeming on SIA is generally excellent (they don’t actually have an award chart as such, you need to play around on the website looking up each route individually) and the Frankfurt-New York deal is extraordinary.

Singapore Airlines
First Class ‘Suite’ on Singapore Airlines A380

The Elevate programme is a bit unusual in that it allows one-ways, but charges more than 50% of the Miles required for a Return.

Frankfurt-New York (JFK) One-Way

  • Economy: 12,000 Miles
  • Business Class: 35,400 Miles
  • First Class: 54,000 Miles

Frankfurt-New York (JFK) Return

  • Economy: 20,000 Miles (equivalent to 10,000 each way)
  • Business Class: 59,000 Miles (equivalent to 29,500 each way)
  • First Class: 90,000 Miles (equivalent to 45,000 each way)

Every single one of these prices is incredible (even the more expensive one-way awards are, let alone the crazy Return prices!).

For crossing the Atlantic, most frequent flyer programmes require 20,000+ Miles/Avios in Economy, 50,000+  in Business and 80,000+ in First Class ONE-WAY.

The best bit though is that there aren’t any expensive ‘surcharges’ either! All classes of travel attract taxes of just ~ £52.00 ($75.00) one-way or ~£102.00 ($147.00) Return.

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Singapore Airlines Business Class

First Class award space can be tough to find, and the real standout value here (for me) is Business Class in any case, so that’s what I would focus on.

T0 get 59,000 Elevate Points you only need to transfer 49,000 Starpoints (remember you get 25,000 for every 20,000).

With the 50% discount, 49,000 Starpoints would cost about £700. Add on the ~£100 tax, and you’re looking at transatlantic Business Class with one of the world’s best airlines for about £400 each way.

You might also wish to enquire about the new Manchester-Houston Singapore Airlines route which has great award availability in Business Class on the Singapore Airlines site, but I don’t know if Virgin America can access the space yet.

cathay pacific business class
Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific Business Class one-way to/from Hong Kong for ~£550.00

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan partners with Cathay Pacific and has some great value redemptions on the award chart.

For just 42,500 Alaska Mileage Plan Miles you can fly Cathay Pacific Business Class from any of Cathay’s European destinations to/from Hong Kong.

To get 42,500 Mileage Plan Miles you would only need to transfer 37,500 Starpoints, which with the current 50% discount would cost about £535.00.

Mileage Plan don’t have any surcharges on Cathay Pacific awards, so you’d only have to pay airport fees and taxes on top.

Bottom Line

Half price Starpoints is a great offer. I don’t normally recommend buying Points or Miles, but if you’ve got a 40%+ offer I would take the time to seriously consider it.

The few things I’ve mentioned above are scarcely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value you can get from discounted Starpoints – I’ll be covering many more between now New Year!


  1. Andrew Tucker says

    I got the 50%!! :p

    I thought it worth mentioning that the deal being mentioned about Dubrovnik is more unclear than this article suggests. I phoned Starwood up today and they tell me that it’s 5K weeknights as they have only superior rooms blah blah available (the time I’m looking is in season.

    Just a thought… but if Starwood offer a bonus on 20k transfer to avios, is it not worth transferring Amex MR points to starwood and then avios if your priority is Avios points? You could then pocket yourself another 5k in points per 20k – no?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Nice! – really wish I had a 50% offer.

      Yeah, the Sheraton Dubrovnik has been known to mess around a bit with award nights but you should be able to get SPG to override it if you keep pressing. Basically, as a Category 2 it is 3,000 Points at weekends and 4,000 during the week, and if the lowest standard (cash) rate is available then it should also be available for Points. Most of the year that works fine, but during the Summer and some other Peak times the hotel stops selling standard rooms altogether, which means there aren’t any standard redemptions available. It’s a clear attempt by the hotel to game the system, and something SPG really should sort out properly rather than just on a case by case basis.

      Amex MR transfer 2:1 to SPG unfortunately, so no – you have to transfer 40,000 Amex to get 20,000 Starpoints, which become 25,000 Avios if you transfer to Avios (PS, Avios are great, but you can do much better using Starpoints for so many other things).

  2. Andrew Tucker says

    Cheers for that Joe. In your article it says how great a deal this is and in the excitement of getting the 50% deal was tempted to buy the 30k, but whilst the aloft in Liverpool is a fantastic deal, getting that type of deal elsewhere seems more limiting at first glance. It seems that rates are cheaper but not on the scale of aloft or possibly Dubrovnik. I’m an avios guy so hotel rewards are new to me (apart from Maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Andrew Tucker says

    Actually, I should have mentioned that they did tell me about getting a fifth night free if you redeem 4 nights at a particular hotel as well using your points.

    • Joe Deeney says

      I definitely think it’s a great deal, but as with anything it’s important to have a clear plan for what you’re going to do with the points before leaping in. Remember the offer runs to the end of the year so there’s really no rush.

      For hotel stays, Category 1-2 are the sweetspots with SPG, though it’s worth remembering that you can transfer to Marriott now too at 1:3 rate which opens up some more options too. With higher categories buying Points even with a 50% discount will sometimes make sense and sometimes not, depending on occupancy/time of year etc.

      5th night free shouldn’t actually apply to category 1 or 2 hotels (like the Sheraton Dubrovnik), so I wouldn’t rely on that – though if the agent allows it great!

      The real value of Starpoints to me is transferring them to some of the more ‘exotic’ airline loyalty programmes that have great award sweetspots but are otherwise hard to earn. I mentioned a couple in the piece above, but there are SO many more – I’ll be writing about a few more soon.

      I love Avios, but these days for long-haul Business or First Class there are usually much better options. Given that there’s lots of other ways to earn Avios in the UK, and not many ways to earn Asiana / JAL / Alaska / Virgin America etc Miles – I tend to save my Starpoints for programmes like that.

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