Hilton Extends Triple Points Promo to 31 Jan – I Book a Luxury Hilton at £10 a Head

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We’ve spent a fair bit of time flagging Hilton offers of late. However, with triple points currently available, and a generous 5,000 bonus points on every stay, this has been with good reason.


Indeed, the 5,000 bonus points per stay is so generous, it can actually result in Hilton rooms for the cost of a chocolate bar. While the triple points and 5,000 bonus points promos can be used together, the added plus to the 5,000 bonus points was that it expires on 31 January 2017, compared to the 31 December 2016 expiry date for the triple points bonus.

Well the good news is that Hilton have just announced that they’ve extended the deadline for the triple points promotion until 31 January, so both the triple points offer and the 5K bonus points offer will now expire on this date.

In light of the value of these additional points, bargains abound…

A combination of triple HHonors points and 5,000 free HHonors points can give you a serious rebate on your stay, so the fact that the former has been extended to also expire at the end of January is great news for those looking for a bargain stay in the New Year.

Bear in mind, too, that Hilton also has a Winter Sale on, applicable to bookings from now until the end of December next year (book by 31 January, appropriately enough). As such, if you stay at a Hilton hotel before the end of January 2017 you will:

  • earn triple points (provided you register and book with the app: if you register and book outside of the app you’ll get double points. Ignore the 31 December 2016 expiry date, we can confirm that it has been extended to 31 January 2017)

There’s nothing a “value traveller” like me enjoys more than stacking deals (upon deals upon deals), and with three of them currently available at Hilton, I’ve got several stays lined up at (factoring in the points rebate) eye-wateringly low prices.

A practical example of the value here

(Ignoring the “room for a cost of a chocolate bar” option, where we hope the value is fairly self-explanatory.)

It’s all very well me saying I’ve secured some “eye-wateringly low prices”, but I appreciate you may want to see that in practice. So here goes…

  • I value Hilton points at around 0.4 pence each. In light of that, the 5,000 points are worth £20.
  • The Hilton I am looking to stay at, the Hilton Malta, is a fantastic €96 (£81) a night (for 4 people!!) in the Winter Sale.


  • Using the Hilton points calculator, I can see that I will earn 2060 Hilton HHonors points from the one night stay, which includes 1030 Base Points.


  • As my Base Points will be tripled to 3090, and I’ll get the Diamond bonus of 1,000 points, that’s 5120 Hilton HHonors points in total. Going back to my 0.4p valuation, that’s £20.48 in points.

The final analysis

So, the room will cost me £81, but I’ll then get £20 + £20.48’s worth of points back, meaning the net cost is a grand total of £40.52, for 4 people. So a little over £10 a head per night. Breakfast is included as I’m an HHonors Diamond member, so I’d say that is pretty good value, and of course this is just one example of literally thousands available to you.


  1. ben says

    Does anyone know when the points are provided? I asked because I made 6 reservations in the last few weeks for stays in 2017 and so far did not receive any points in my account. I tend to think that points are awarded after the stay. Does this therefore mean that the bonus points will be given only on stays done by the end of January and not for all of the stays I booked for 2017?

    • Tom Sumner says

      Hi Ben

      The points will certainly be awarded after your stays.

      To benefit from the triple points and Visa promos, you need in both cases to have registered (for both, separately), and to stay before 31 January 2017.

      Remember that even after registering, triple points require booking via the app (or the bonus is double points) and the Visa promo requires you to pay with any Visa card.

      I hope that helps


      • ben says

        Cheers Tom. I followed all the rules (Hilton Visa, App booking etc) but all but one of my bookings will happen after January 🙁

        • Tom Sumner says

          I wouldn’t get too upset Ben. You can rest assured that by the time your stays come round, Hilton will have some sort of new points promo running. At least the 2016 experience would suggest so.

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