Aer Lingus Launches Its New Avios-Driven Loyalty Scheme

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The new Aer Lingus frequent flyer scheme, Aer Club, launched today. The loyalty currency for the programme is Avios, so you can now book Aer Lingus reward flights online at (whether an Aer Club member or not).


Earning Avios

Earning Avios with Aer Club is based on a simple revenue model.


Avios points are awarded based on what you paid for the Aer Lingus flight, excluding government taxes and any ancillaries like bags or seats.

The bonus Avios points you’ll receive if you have status in the scheme are set out below.

Spending Avios

In addition to the welcome news that you can now book Aer Lingus flights online using Avios, the introduction of off-peak pricing for Avios redemptions is good to see. You could previously use your Avios to book Aer Lingus flights by phoning BA, but all flights were at peak rates. You’ll now pay less Avios for Aer Lingus reward flights if you travel outside of the peak Easter, Summer and Christmas periods*.

Full details on spending Avios with Aer Club are here.

The wonderful Reward Flight Saver benefits (i.e. capped taxes/fees on short-haul redemptions) do not apply to Avios redemptions with Aer Lingus. This is a massive downside to booking Avios reward flights with Aer Lingus rather than BA.

Tiers and benefits

Aer Club comes with Green, Silver, Platinum and Concierge tiers. Silver, Platinum and Concierge will earn 25%, 50% and 75% bonus Avios respectively on flights.


Otherwise, the benefits are generally as follows:


If someone can explain that “complimentary membership” tick for Concierge, I’d be grateful. They surely won’t be charging everyone else for membership? I think it may mean you get one additional member for free at Concierge level, but it’s not clear.

Full details on Tier point earning and status requirements are set out here.

Can you combine Avios with BA etc?

Yes. You can transfer Avios from Aer Club to BA Executive Club, or Iberia Plus using the “Combine My Avios” function.

*1-4 January, 7–23 April, 17 June – 10 September, 16 – 31 December.


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