Don’t Fancy Avios? Earn £15 For Spending £10 On Travel!

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We recently entered the controversial world of “Black Friday” offers. If that offends your inner Britishness, we beg your forgiveness. However, given that the promo in question offers 1875 Avios for simply signing up and making a £10 spend at TopCashback, we hope you’ll appreciate the fantastic value in it.


We also understand that, for whatever reason, not everybody collects Avios, or needs more Avios. Understandably, too, many prefer cold, hard cash to air miles.

With this in mind, we bring you our, as I have imaginatively titled it, “second Black Friday TopCashback offer”. Simply sign up to TopCashback and spend £10+ at any travel-related merchant before the end of 4 December via this link, and you will get £15 cashback for doing so.

topcashback sign up bonus

Remember that the £15 TopCashback sign-up bonus is in addition to the cashback you earn at the merchant anyway. So a £100 hotel spend with at (10.4% cashback) would earn you cashback of £25.40 (£15 sign up bonus plus £10.40).

It hopefully won’t be difficult for anyone who reads this site to find a travel-related merchant to spend £10+ at, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few options:

  • at 14%
  • Accorhotels at (up to, depending on brand) 13%
  • at 10.4% (via desktop – 11.7% via mobile)
  • Marriott at 10%
  • Agoda at 7.8%
  • (hotels) at 7% (flights at 1%)
  • trainline at 3.9%
  • at 3%
  • Aer Lingus at 2.92% (short-haul) and 1.62% (long-haul)
  • Qatar Airways at 2.6%
  • Lufthansa at 1.95%
  • Emirates at 1.62%
  • Monarch at 0.78%
  • Etihad at £13
  • KLM long-haul flights at £10.40
  • British Airways long-haul flights at £9.75
  • Finnair at £4.87
  • Iberia at £4.55 (if flight under €400. €400-€600 at 1.62% and €600+ or Business Class at 1.95%)

The crucial point is that you sign up to TopCashback using this link. Use any other link, and you won’t get the extra £15 cashback Topcashback sign up bonus. 

Incidentally, if you’re reading this after 4 December, don’t worry – you can still get a 1250 Avios bonus for spending £10 at any merchant on TopCashback, at any time if you sign up via this link

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