Lounge Access For Less Than £11.50 Per Visit With Priority Pass!!!

Priority Pass

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By stacking a few deals together you can currently get airport lounge access for £11.48 per visit with Priority Pass.

The first thing to do is head to the Groupon page at TopCashback (if you don’t have a TopCashback account yet you can sign up here) and then click through to Groupon. New Groupon customers get £10.50 cashback regardless of how little you spend, and existing customers get 5% back.

Groupon are selling Priority Pass discount codes for £6.00 (I haven’t included the link because I don’t want to stop your cashback tracking properly – just search for “Priority Pass” on the Groupon site once you’ve clicked through from TopCashback).


As you can see, there are three options to choose from but only the second and third options really make any sense – why would you buy a half price Priority Pass membership with no visits included, when you can get one which includes your first visit for the same price?


50% off Standard Priority Pass membership means it would cost £34.50 (standard price £69.00), + £6.00 to Groupon for the discount code = £40.50 in total.  That includes your first visit to a Priority Pass lounge, with subsequent visits costing £15.00 each time for 12 months.

Let’s not forget the £10.50 cashback from TopCashback if you’re a new Groupon customer, but even with that I don’t really see this as much of a deal to be honest.


Say you visit lounges 5 times in a year, (including the cashback) your average cost per visit would work out at £18.10.

Avios.com offer visits to ‘No 1 Lounges’ for £20.00 (+ you get 750 Avios!). Dragon Pass and other providers often have deals on that allow to access other lounges for under £20.00, and the (surprisingly decent) Yorkshire Premier Lounge at Leeds Bradford only charges £21.00 even if you buy direct.

£18.10 per visit isn’t terrible, but it’s not really worth the bother in my view.

The third option is much more interesting – particularly if you’re likely to use all 10 of the included visits.


The normal price is £159.00, so take the 25% off and you’re looking at £119.25. Add on £6.00 to Groupon for the 25% discount code, and take away £10.50 cashback (if you’re a new Groupon customer), and the total works out at £114.75.

Each of your first 10 visits would therefore work out at an average of £11.48, which is an excellent price! Any additional visits that year would cost £15.00 each, which isn’t too bad either.

plaza premiuim heathrow airport lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge, London Heathrow Airport

If you usually like to have a drink or two and a snack before your flights, this could save you a packet when you consider how much a G&T is at airports these days!


  1. Roger says

    So what is best option for a family to use lounge, say for 2 Adults + 2 Children?
    Can Amex Platinum (main holder + a supplementary for spouse) work for admitting each child with each priority pass holder?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Roger,

      Yes that’s right – Both the main card and the first supplementary give you access and allow you to bring a guest. Works great for a family!

  2. Scottydogg says

    If you buy the 10 passes membership , can you bring a guest in and that counts as 1 of your passes ? ie , you will use 2 passes for you and your friend , OR , are the 10 visits individual passes just for the card holder ?

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