1,300+ Avios For £1.99!

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Thanks to TopCashback and Groupon, new Groupon customers can currently bag 1,312 Avios for £1.99 in just a few minutes!


First of all, you need to head to the Groupon page at TopCashback here (if you don’t have a TopCashback account yet you can sign up here) and then click through to Groupon.

New Groupon customers will receive £10.50 cashback on any purchase, with no minimum spend limit.


The cheapest item I could find (that doesn’t require additional postage fees) is the Big Santa Letter for £1.99 – rather than me linking to it which might interfere with the cashback tracking, just type “Big Santa Letter” into the search on Groupon and it should come up.


You might be able to find something even cheaper, but I thought this had a nice seasonal aspect to it regardless!

TopCashback now offer a 25% bonus when transferring to Avios, so your £10.50 of cashback can be turned into  1,312 Avios!

Whether you think using cashback to buy Avios at an effective rate of 0.8p each is a good deal or not is a different matter. You might prefer to just keep the £8.51 profit and stick it in a ‘travel fund’ or even use it for something else entirely!

(IMPORTANT: Don’t use the 25% off first purchase discount code that Groupon advertises on their homepage or any other voucher code, as it will probably prevent you from receiving the cashback!).

Post includes links to TopCashback that pay a small referral fee. Signing up is free and you don’t miss out on anything by using a referral link. If you do sign up using a referral link, it’s always very much appreciated –  thanks!


  1. Pierre says


    Does it track £10.10 straight away?

    As it has been tracked on tcb but for £0.10

    I have signed up for groupon just now, so I am a new customer.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Pierre,

      No, it says it might track below the actual amount to begin with, so I wouldn’t worry.

      Do keep an eye on it though, so that you definitely end up with the £10.50 when it becomes payable.Topcashback’s tracking certainly isn’t perfect, but Whenever I’ve had any issues, a quick support ticket has almost always resolved the problem.

  2. Andy says

    Not sure if I just got lucky, but I was able to double dip on this one when I used it earlier in the year, £10 cashback from TCB, and £10 off my first order using a coupon code.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Nice – it can work out (obviously!), but unless the voucher code is listed on the Topcashback website, there’s nothing you can do if it doesn’t.

  3. Steve says

    The-Deal-Daddy. While good to provide information to people, it is noted that the TCB links provided are not generic but are linked to a TCB account ‘joedeeney2’. In this way they likely get the tell-a-friend bonus for anyone that signs up from clicking through from the links, a bonus which is currently being doubled. Perhaps it would be good to mention this in your post so that everything is clear, as well as thanking everyone that does sign-up in this way, especially if it supports the blog.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment. That was actually entirely my fault and my links, rather than James. I added them (with his permission) when I was editing the piece and neglected to add a thank you.

      There is a general disclaimer stating that affiliate links are used, and there isn’t currently a better offer for people joining TCB so no real harm done, but you’re absolutely right – in my own posts I always say thank you to anyone who uses my links and should do so here as well.


      Joe Deeney

  4. Andrew H says

    Finally got this confirmed today. £1.99 Groupon purchase became £10.50 cashback which I just sent through to BAEC at 1102 Avios. Huzzah!

    If TCB hasn’t uplifted anyone’s cashback from 10p yet, I recommend you contact them. I did so a few weeks ago and they fixed it straightaway. Then had a wait for it to go from Confirmed to Payable. Anyway, thank you Inside Flyer UK!

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