(Exclusive) £5.00 Quidco Bonus!

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We seem to talk a lot about TopCashback here at InsideFlyer (with good reason!), but it’s important not to overlook rival cashback site Quidco too.

The two sites constantly compete to offer the best cashback rates, so which one has the best cashback rate for a particular company on any given day changes frequently. To make sure you get the best deal you really need to check both.

The best example of this is with Accor Hotels (Sofitel, Novotel, Ibis etc), where one of the sites often has a substantially higher rate than the other (15% vs 10%), but it switches all the time which one.

accor cashback
Accor on TopCashback a couple of weeks ago
Accor on Quidco

Cashback sites really are one the simplest and easiest ways to save substantial amounts of money from your travel expenses (or indeed pretty much any expenses!).

If you haven’t signed up to Quidco yet, now is a great time to do so, because until 30th November we can offer an exclusive £5.00 sign-up bonus.  (UPDATE: Bonus is now £10!)

You have got to to earn £5.00 of cashback to trigger the £5.00 sign-up bonus – so once you’ve earned £5.00 you’ll end up with £10.00.

How to get the £5.00 bonus

I think the easiest way to trigger the bonus straight away (rather than just waiting to hit the necessary £5.00 cashback from your normal purchases), is to go through Quidco and take out a Now TV subscription. 

Paying for the ‘Entertainment Package’ for one month costs £6.99 (do remember to cancel your subscription as otherwise you will be charged every month!!!), but you get £10.00 from Quidco for doing so.


That will trigger the £5.00 sign-up bonus too, so £6.99 actually ends up getting you £15.00 back in total (£8.01p profit).

You will also get 6 weeks worth of access to Now TV Entertainment (the first 2 weeks are free +  the paid month = 6 weeks), which is well worth having if you fancy binge watching a box set or two now that winter is coming (yes, they have Game of Thrones on there!).

Note that this particular £10.00 Now TV cashback offer only has a couple of days left.

What’s this got to do with travel?

As well as saving money on travel related expenses using cashback sites, I try to put aside all my cashback into a ‘travel fund’. I find it to be a really good way of helping to save for trips because it’s essentially ‘free money’ that I wouldn’t otherwise have and therefore haven’t earmarked for normal day to day stuff.

Having a pot of money set aside specifically for travelling means that if there’s a great promotion or a last minute bargain, I know whether I can afford to take advantage, or not, without having to think too much about it.


If you’d rather have the ability to transfer your cashback direct to Avios, then you should probably focus on earning with TopCashback which provides that as an option (here’s a way to get 1,312 Avios for £1.99 with TopCashback!), but there’s a good argument for not transferring automatically to Avios even with the 25% bonus that TopCashback offers, so don’t rule out Quidco completely.

Personally, I don’t really have a preference between the two –  I just have a quick look at whichever site is offering the best cashback on the day for whatever I’m buying and go with that.

Post includes links to Quidco that pay a small referral fee. Signing up is free and you don’t miss out on anything by using a referral link – in fact, there is no signup bonus whatsoever for signing up directly, so you end up £5.00 richer by using a referral link. If you ever use any of our links, it’s always very much appreciated –  thanks!

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