Another Great Status Match Opportunity!

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Hot on the heels of Ian’s recent post about possible status matches with Wyndham Rewards, there’s now yet another great status match opportunity – this time from Nordic Choice.


There’s a dedicated web page for the status match promotion here (it’s in Finnish, but that’s nothing google translate can’t handle!).

You can match from the following programmes all the way up to Nordic Choice’s top-level Platinum tier (depending on what status level you have with the competitor of course), and need to get your application in by 5th December 2016:

Anyone reading this is very likely to have status with at least one of those chains – and if you don’t, read this to find out how to match to one of them first.

What is Nordic Choice?

Nordic Choice Hotels is actually one of the biggest chains in Scandinavia (where the larger global chains generally have a much smaller footprint). It has 188 hotels in 6 countries – mostly Norway and Sweden, with a sprinkling in Denmark, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Technically there is a relationship between the the global Choice Hotels brand and Nordic Choice (in fact redeeming Choice Rewards Points at Nordic Choice hotels is one of the best uses of them, and one of the best ways to make visiting Norway more affordable!), but Nordic Choice is for the most part independent.

Choice hotels tend not to be particularly aspirational (or even nice sometimes…) but Nordic Choice hotels are generally excellent.

Design-led ‘The Thief Hotel’ in Oslo is rated as one of the best places to stay in the city.

Is the status any good?

Yep, benefits look very solid.


Status should last at least until the the end of 2017.


You never know when elite status might come in handy – it only takes a minute, so I tend to just sign up for opportunities as they come along.

Hat-tip: LoyaltyLobby


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