12,000 Bonus Flying Blue Miles (+ 2 FREE Hotel Nights) For ~£40.00!!!

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If you thought 3,000 Miles and a hotel night for £20.00 was generous (I did), the new PointsHound offer for 12,000 Bonus Flying Blue Miles on any 2-night first booking is spectacular!

You need to book by 15th October 2016, but there doesn’t seem any restriction on when you have to stay by.

Malta is my ‘go to’ example these days due to a combination of cheap BA Club Europe flights (and therefore cheap elite status) and extremely good value accommodation – so here it is again:


Two nights at a 4* hotel (also 4* on TripAdvisor) and 12,100 Flying Blue Miles for £44.00!

I value Flying Blue Miles at at least 1p each, so in the above example PointsHound are effectively paying me £77.00 to spend two nights at a decent looking hotel.

This offer is so generous that it’s actually well worth thinking about ‘mattress running’ even here in the UK where hotels are relatively expensive. For example, if you could find a cheap hotel nearby for about £30.00 per night (Sunday + Monday nights are usually cheapest), and then just check into the hotel and leave straightaway, you’re effectively buying 12,000+ Flying Blue Miles for about 0.5p each, which is an excellent price.


Obviously, if you can work the promotion into proper travel plans that you need to book anyway then it’s even better!

What are Flying Blue Miles good for?

As I mentioned in my post about the 3,000 Bonus Miles for 1 night offer, Miles are only really worth something if you actually have enough to use them. Fortunately, Flying Blue is a 1:1 transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards Points, so if you have an Amex Gold or Platinum card you can top up very easily.

The best use of Flying Blue Miles are the monthly ‘Promo Awards’, and as luck would have it the list for October is now available!


Flying Blue Promo Awards are discounted award tickets that save you up to 50% off the standard number of Miles required for a flight. New offers are available on the first day of each month, and October’s list applies to flights between 1 November 2016 and 31 January 2017.

There are lots of discounted offers to choose from, including the following:

Europe to/from Abu Dhabi in Economy: 10,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Doha in Economy: 10,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Bahrain in Economy: 10,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Dubai in Business Class: 25,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Doha in Business Class: 25,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Bahrain in Business Class: 25,000 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Miami in Business Class: 43,750 Miles one-way.

Europe to/from Tokyo in Business Class: 50,000 Miles one-way.

What about ‘surcharges’?

Flying Blue does charge ‘fuel surcharges’ but not the full amount. Economy redemptions are quite reasonable with about £50.00 each way added. Business Class is worse, with about £180.00 each way added.

Anything Else?

The offer references ‘Corporate’ Flying Blue members, but there’s nothing I can see in the Terms and Conditions that should prevent any new user from getting the miles. It also mentions paying in cash, but as that’s literally impossible I’m 100% confident all they mean is that if you use Flying Blue Miles to book rather than money, then your stay won’t be eligible for the bonus.

Terms & Conditions

This special offer is for first time bookers only of 2 nights or more. If you book before October 15 2016 and pay with cash instead of Miles, you will get 12,000 Award Miles absolutely free!
Bookings must be made via the special promotional web page link to be eligible to receive the bonus: https://flyingblue.pointshound.com/corporatemilesoffer
The bonus offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.
PointsHound for Flying Blue reserves the right to retract the bonus offer at any time without prior notice.

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