£10 off Heathrow Express, £20 off Eurostar – Paris from £41 return!

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We’ve long sung the praises of American Express as one of the key “UK frequent traveller tools”. It should net you a huge haul of miles/points as a sign-up bonus, as well as rewarding you with further miles for ongoing spend.

heathrow express discount

In addition, it regularly (and increasingly) offers some great value travel-related offers: mainly “cashback” onto your card for spend, including offers such as the recent (and still current) £50 back on a £250 Hilton hotel spend.

There are two principal ways of obtaining these offers. The first is to simply check the “offers tailored to you” tab on your online account (or the app):

heathrow express discount

The second and perhaps less well-known route is to go to the American Express UK “Connect” page, which contains a number of offers available to pretty much anyone with a UK American Express card. It’s well worth checking this page regularly, as their are frequently offers on there that will not be in your personal offers:

heathrow express discount

Which brings me neatly back to the precise point of this post. Two great travel-related offers are currently available on the Connect page.

The first is £10 off a £50 spend on the Heathrow Express. While that’s unlikely to apply to you if you use the great value advance purchase fares, it will kick in if you buy more than one standard single or return, or if you buy a standard Business First return (£54, down to £44 with the discount).


In terms of stacking deals, Heathrow Express discount code DUOSAVER will get you two standard returns for £54, which will become £44 and so a much more reasonable £22 return a head.

The second offer worth flagging is £20 off a £60 Eurostar spend. With tickets currently available for Eurostar journeys to France and Belgium at a little under or over £60 (rather wonderfully, if you can find the 2 x £29 fare for France, and they are available, the £3 credit card fee will take it over £60, too so the £20 discount will register… aren’t those credit card charges wonderful?!), this is another great opportunity to stack two deals: the current Eurostar sale and then £20 off your £60+ spend.


Here’s a long weekend in Paris as a random example. This will cost you a total of £61 return with credit card fee, which will then be reduced to a fantastic £41 return with the £20 cashback:


Happy travels and, of course… #traintuesday


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