Earn bonus Avios on your commute – via Amex

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We very recently reminded all Amex cardholders to check their offers regularly – there seem to be more and more great value travel offers available at the moment, but with limits on registrants and limited sign-up windows, it’s easy to miss out.


And another one’s just appeared! Always keen to maximise my miles and points collection, I was pleased to see a great new bonus offer on my American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card that will make my morning commute that little bit more rewarding.

Earning points starts here
Earning points starts here!

For every £2 spent on contactless pay-and-go travel on the Transport for London network (including tubes, trains, overground, DLR and buses), you get a generous bonus 10 Membership Rewards points. This is in addition to the normal points you get for your card spend. Therefore an £8 commute would earn 8 base points and 40 bonus points – a 500% bonus before 0730 is good in anyone’s books!


The price of using a contactless card is exactly the same as using an Oyster, so in my mind there is no  real benefit in continuing to use the Oyster. I wonder if TfL are trying to phase it out by incentivising contactless cards?

Oyster or AmEx? Its an easy choice!
Oyster or AmEx? Its an easy choice!

While this deal is not available to everyone, I was offered it twice. It was also available on my BA Premium Plus Amex with the same bonus of 10 Avios per £2. 

You have to sign up online or through the mobile app and it is limited to the first 50,000 registered card members, so check soon if you are eligible and sign up immediately if you are! Sadly this offer is not available as one of the “available to all” deals on Amex’s “Connect” page. 

There are a number of other travel-related offers currently available through Amex, some of which Ian covered here recently.

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