3,500 Miles Per Stay At Best Western Hotels! – Mattress Run Worthy?

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Best Western have sneaked out a brilliant offer to mark their 70th birthday, in association with ‘Miles & More’ (the loyalty programme for Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels, Austrian etc). Until 31st October, you will earn 7x the usual 500 Miles, so 3,500 Miles per stay at Best Western hotels.

You have to register for the promotion on the German Best Western site here (use google translate), but there are no restrictions on who can sign up and all 4,000 global Best Western hotels are participating. The offer is also being advertised on the Miles & More site here.

best westerns miles and more promo 2

Are ‘Miles & More’ Miles worth having?

Yes, but it’s fair to say you do need to redeem sensibly. The taxes/surcharges can be painful and the standard award chart isn’t fantastic.

We have written before about the great value you can get from Miles & More redemptions by booking their monthly ‘Mileage Bargains’, which reduce the Miles required by ~ 50%.

The current list includes Return Business Class flights between Europe and destinations in North America for 55,000 Miles, Europe – South Africa for 55,000, and Europe – Asia for 70,000 Miles. Even once you factor in the fees, those are pretty good redemption rates!

Also, if you’re desperate to try Lufthansa First Class (and their legendary First Class Terminal), having M&M Miles makes it a lot easier because M&M members have access to more award availability than if you tried to use other Miles from their Star Alliance partners.

Is this promotion mattress run worthy?

Quite possibly.

Everyone values Miles differently, but I think M&M Miles are easily worth at least 1p each – if redeemed with a bit of thought.

Best Westerns tend to be relatively good value, so finding rates for ~£35.00 per night isn’t actually that hard. In the UK, your best bets are usually Friday or Sunday nights.

Best Western hotel 2 best western hotel

In cheaper hotel markets like Warsaw, you can find Best Western hotels for under £30.00 per night.

best western hotels 3

(150 Polish Zloty is currently worth about £29.00).

If you mattress ran at an average cost of anything under £50.00 per stay to earn enough Miles for ‘Mileage Bargain’ Business Class or Lufthansa First Class (60,000 Miles each way between Europe and the Middle East, for example), you’re not going to do too badly!

Even if the numbers don’t work for you as a ‘pure’ mattress run, this is definitely the most generous hotel promotion at the moment for short stays, and has made me consider Best Western hotels much more seriously than I usually would.

Remember that you can status match to Diamond level with Best Western Rewards too!

Best Western

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid from 01 September to 31 October 2016.
  • Valid for stays in all Best Western Hotels worldwide.
  • Award miles will be allocated for all stays within the promotional period.
  • You need to register once via the link provided.
  • Award miles will not be credited for stays made before registration.
  • Consecutive nights in the same hotel are always counted as one stay, even if the nights have been booked separately. This means, for example, that for a stay of two consecutive nights in the same hotel, award miles will only be allocated once.
  • Miles cannot be earned for group rates or packages, conference rates or packages, organiser rates, long-term apartments, stays booked via online travel agents (for example, expedia.com, travelocity.com, booking.com, kayak.com, Priceline or other auction sites), staff rates or travel agent rates as well as unit-based travel cards (AC/UC rate) or special rates for long-term stays.
  • The miles can only be awarded to the Miles & More service card holder if this person has checked into the hotel him or herself.
  • Miles will only be awarded for the room occupied by the Miles & More member.
  • Best Western points credits already granted cannot subsequently be converted in miles.
  • Best Western reserves the right to change the conditions relating to the earning of miles at any time.
  • The Miles & More terms and conditions of participation apply.


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  1. patric mcdonald says

    What a brilliant promotion!

    Some questions, if anyone can answer.
    1. Does earning M&M miles via this route entitle any star alliance status or does it have to be via flying only? If it allows how many miles are required for silver or gold status?
    2. Also is *A status valid for all *A airlines, as I have a trip coming up on TG which is booked on lowest promotional fare bucket (W). I was wondering if miles can be used for upgrade as well? For example, if I did 6 stays and managed 21000 miles, would that be enough for any miles redemption?
    3. Is there any sign up bonus for opening new M&M account too? Or possible referral?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Patric,

      It is pretty generous!

      As regards your questions:

      1. Sadly not

      2. Status is valid when flying on all alliance partners, but that doesn’t mean you can upgrade with Miles. You can take a look at the Star Alliance status benefits here: http://www.staralliance.com/en/gold-status.

      Even though you can book redemption flights with partner airlines, you normally need Miles in the loyalty programme of the airline you are actually flying in order to upgrade a paid ticket – so you would need Thai Royal Orchid Miles (unless M&M and TG have some arrangement I don’t know about, which is always possible! – Perhaps someone more familiar with Star Alliance can confirm?). It’s also relatively rare these days for airlines to allow members to upgrade from the lowest fare buckets, so even if you had Royal Orchid Miles it might not be possible (it might, I don’t know much/anything about Royal Orchid tbh).

      3. Not as far as I know

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