800+ Free Avios! (or £7.87 free cash)

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It looks like our friends at TopCashback and Gocompare are keen to dish out some some free Avios / cash!

Even though it’s no longer possible to transfer TopCashback credit to Tesco Clubcard, cashback sites can still be a great way to get a chunky rebate when spending money on travel (or anything else really!). With TopCashback you can still transfer credit to Avios directly, with 1 pence getting you 1.05 Avios Points.

topcashback go compare quote

There is currently an offer on that nets you £7.87 (equivalent to 826 Avios) just for clicking through and getting an insurance quote.

I can’t absolutely guarantee it will work properly, but my cashback tracked straight away so it looks fine so far, and it only takes 60 seconds!

If you do not already have a TopCashback account, use my link and I get a small credit – thanks!

Anybody spotted any other good free cashback offers?


    • Joe Deeney says

      Yes – I doubt they’re going to be in too much of a rush to payout on these ones to be honest, but at least it only takes a minute!

  1. Adam says

    Done this yesterday, did track but my mistake i put our correct contact number in and got lots of calls this morning. Im sure i read on the gocompare TCB page you can have up to something like £40 a year over numerous online quotes with GC.
    If this is correct and all pays out, 4000 avios or £40 cash or do on two accounts in partners name.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Theoretically it definitely looks like it can be pushed quite a bit further, but I didn’t want to post about it as I suspect the risk of disappointment is substantial! Risking 60 seconds is one thing, but doing a bunch of quotes and having it all declined for some nonsense reason would be irritating.

      Also yes, rookie error there with the phone number Adam! I don’t think phone number was even a mandatory field was it?

      • Adam says

        Worth pushing the luck for £40 or 4k avios but can see why you didnt mention. Definitely an error on my behalf, they called twice and we ignored it, the third time i took the call and all ok when told them no!
        You learn by your mistakes! ?

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