Earn airline miles for Tripadvisor reviews – with one fairly major catch

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Earning airline miles for writing reviews is a great way of earning a small reward for something that many people do anyway. The problem of late is it’s been increasingly difficult to do it.

airline miles tripadvisor

First there was the Tripadvisor India offer, which gave you 100 Miles&More miles per review of an Indian hotel. A fairly niche offer, although used “creatively” by some. Next up was Holidaycheck, which offered a decent chunk of miles in a variety of programmes. Sadly that became less useful when it i) removed the English language option and ii) then removed some of its more attractive airline partners from the offer.

There does however remain the option of Gezi.com, where you can earn a generous chunk of Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles miles for writing hotel reviews. However, this post is about a new Tripadvisor option, albeit not an entirely conventional route to miles-earning.

You can now earn 150 miles per hotel review (or 75 miles per restaurant attraction review) in the excellent Etihad Guest if you submit hotel reviews to Tripadvisor in Arabic. Now I fully appreciate that this will basically eliminate 99.999% of the InsideFlyer UK readership, but there may just be a workaround here, with the help of Google translate.

Firstly, you can sign up easy enough with the help of the Google translate option in Google Chrome (other browsers are available and may have translation options, but I’m very much a Chrome man). This turns the Arabic sign up page as follows:

etihad 2

Into something altogether more familiar:

etihad 1

Click on “Start here” and you’ll be taken through to the details page. I suggest to keep things suitably clean you sign up with a new email address, and be sure to add your Etihad Guest number on sign up.

Then it’s “simply” a case of adding Arabic reviews, which again you might be able to do with the help of Google translate.

In terms of miles available, you can earn a maximum of 1,500 Miles per month, although a maximum of 4 hotel reviews per month will earn Etihad Guest miles.

Major disclaimer: I have no idea how good the Arabic translation on Google translate is, and whether it will do justice to your English language review. Obviously if you start publishing nonsensical reviews in Arabic, it may well be that the review is not published and you do not earn your points. 

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