A new way to earn substantial airline miles through hotel reviews

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We recently flagged the demise of the English language version of Holidaycheck. While it is still possible to earn Miles&More and Topbonus miles through holidaycheck.de, you need a command of German (or Polish, if you use holidaycheck.pl).

airline miles hotel reviews

So step up Gezi.com, an English language hotel review site that rewards you with 100 Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles miles per hotel review. Importantly,  that is not all – there are substantial mileage bonuses available for submitting photos with your review, too…

Signing up to Gezi.com is very easy – I did it via my Facebook log-in in a matter of seconds. There’s then a straightforward interface to type in the name of the hotel you want to review, and you’ll be presented with the review template:

airline miles hotel reviews

And there’s more miles to be had:

You’ll earn a bonus 25 miles for the first photograph you submit with a review:

airline miles hotel reviews

Then a further 50 miles if you submit a second photo with that review.

Then a further 100 miles if you submit a third photo with that review:

airline miles hotel reviews

Then you will earn an additional 50 miles for each subsequent photo submitted. I’m not sure when this stops, but I got up to 625 miles in total based on the 11 photos I had of the Hilton Paddington:

airline miles hotel reviews

The maximum number of miles you can earn with Gezi.com is 10,000 in any 1 calendar year. 

In conclusion, as with Holidaycheck, the amount of miles you earn here is hardly going to get you a First Class redemption ticket any time soon. However, it is a useful handful of miles for a few seconds’ work, particularly with the photo bonus miles.

In addition, if you’re in the habit of submitting hotel reviews anyway, you may as well submit them on a site that rewards you for doing so.

The other great advantage of these handfuls of points for reviews is that they can get you over redemption thresholds. I have said it before, but I once needed 35,000 miles for a Lufthansa redemption: I was just below, and Holidaycheck got me over the line.


  1. Andrew H says

    I’ve been meaning to have a go at writing some reviews on Holiday Check with Google Translator. This offer sounds more enticing, what with all the airline partners Turkish Airlines has.

    What’s to stop you copying your own reviews from HolidayCheck, though?

    • Tom Sumner says

      I don’t think there’s any issue with you transferring across your Holidaycheck reviews, so long as they’re your own, genuine, content.

      Bear in mind for the serious miles, though, you will need photos.

      That said, I’m not quite sure how sustainable the 1000+ miles you can earn per review where you provide numerous photos is, given the cost to Gezi. I’d imagine that in time they’ll drop the earning rates substantially.

      • Hans Zimmer says

        I think the important thing for Gezi.com is the experience of travelers. In many pages, I saw share experience motto for sure. And my reviews didn’t approved for a couple hours after I published. It may be the reason for they are checking unique content. Btw, I couldn’t get approve to all of my photos. Some of them from the google images lol. I found the idea of getting miles nice. I think all they want is the content, rather than the fake posts.

  2. Gezicom says

    Hello Dear Tom and Andrew !

    First of all, thanks for your interest in Gezi.com. Regarding your questions, all reviews are checked by editors on our website. As long as review and the photos you upload is genuine you will be eligible to earn miles. There is just one limitation that in one year, you are at most able to earn 10.000 miles. You may find the explanations via the link below:


    Waiting for your great reviews and photos!

    Best Regards

    • Tom Sumner says

      Thanks for taking the time to visit InsideFlyer and clarify the point.

      Do you have any plans to offer any airline miles other than Miles & Smiles?

  3. Gezicom says

    Hello There,

    You’re more than welcome. In the short run we’ll be working with Miles & Smiles. However in the future we plan to add other airline miles to our portfolio.

    Kindest Regards

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