Don’t worry – you can still earn airline miles for hotel reviews

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We have previously written about how you can earn airline miles for posting reviews on Holidaycheck.


However, some doubt was cast over the ongoing viability of this option recently, when Holidaycheck announced that it was to close its English language website on 29 February, 2016.

The good news, however, is this does not preclude you from continuing to earn air miles for hotel reviews!

To continue to benefit, you simply need to submit your reviews via (or, if you prefer).


Your log in details for the English language site will continue to work for, so to submit a review, simply take the following steps:

Click on the “login” button in the top right hand corner:


Enter your existing log in details and hit “Einloggen”:


Then select “Bewertung abgeben”:


Then “Hotel bewerten”:


You’ll then be presented with the hotel review page. It’s in German, but it’s fairly obvious what needs doing, plus you can always use Google translate:


Do the reviews need to be in German?

It’s not clear. I have asked, but no response as yet.

Personally, I would run them through Google translate to put them into German (or Polish, as the case may be). However, you may want to attempt to continue submitting in English via the German site, and see if they care.

Any other issues?

The major downside is the loss of Etihad Guest miles, you can continue to earn in Miles&More (100 miles) and Topbonus (200 miles) though: here is the full list of earning options:


Isn’t this all too much hassle for a handful of miles?

Possibly, it depends on your circumstances. It’s not a massive mileage haul, but these amounts add up, and can sometimes get you over a mileage threshold (I was recently just under the 55k miles I needed for a Lufthansa redemption, and got there via Holidaycheck).

Most importantly, if you like writing hotel reviews, you may as well earn some miles for doing so!


  1. Andrew H says

    I am rushing to complete my maximum 10 reviews for this month before the English language site shuts down.

    Annoyingly, they removed Etihad Guest miles as an earning option on Friday, two days before the shutdown date, so I had to switch to Topbonus. I have emailed them and requested they put the miles in my Etihad account instead. Hopefully they will oblige.

    Even more annoyingly, they are quality checking my last six reviews. Presumably everyone is doing what I am – rushing to post reviews before the end – and they’re getting bombarded!

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