Earn airline miles by writing hotel reviews

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I frequently get asked if it is possible to earn airline miles for writing hotel reviews online. The short answer is yes, but not through Tripadvisor.

free airline miles

Tripadvisor did of course offer Lufthansa Miles&More miles for reviews for some time through its Indian site, but this offer has now been pulled.

Instead, to earn airline points, you need to submit your hotel reviews through review site holidaycheck.com, and take your pick from Lufthansa Miles&More, Etihad Guest, airberlin Topbonus or airbaltic PINS miles.

Earning rates are as follows:

  • 100 Miles&More miles per review
  • 200 topbonus miles per review
  • 150 PINS miles per review
  • 150 Etihad Guest miles per review

Rather generously, holidaycheck will even allow you to collect miles for reviews already published, provided that you claim the miles within 6 months of posting the review. You just need to contact milesandmore/pins/etihad/[email protected] (depending on which miles you want credited).

Please note that we have resisted the temptation to refer to these miles as “free” (not least to avoid the wrath of our readers…). You do of course have to write a review. But the reviews take seconds, and if you would write them anyway, the miles really are free. They are also a great way of getting those final few miles to hit a points redemption threshold – I recently used Holidaycheck reviews to get my Miles&More points over the 55,000 threshold needed for a “half price” Mileage Bargains business class redemption flight.




  1. Andrew H says

    As I posted on the forum last week, should you have any issues with getting stuff posted, Holidaycheck on Facebook will respond to you quite quickly.

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