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I think I’ve just found my new favourite hotel booking site: It has a stupid name and a business model that I can’t really get my head around, but for now the deals are amazing! It’s called Sheradill, and I love it.

Sheradill logo

I love it because it just saved me ~£370.00 (468 Euros) on a trip to Malta. I paid 52.00 Euros in total for four nights, rather than 520.00 Euros (a 90% saving), which works out at about £10.00 per night!

£10.00 per night is obviously a cracking deal for anything half decent (and the place I booked looks great, with very good reviews on TripAdvisor), but I was extremely sceptical about whether the discounts are really 90%.

Trabuxu Boutique Living, Valletta – Not bad for a tenner!

I assumed that Sheradill would massively inflate the headline prices to make the discounts seem bigger, and was therefore very pleasantly surprised to see that most major booking sites had the same headline price as Sheradill, and the cheapest I could have booked the same room for the same dates elsewhere online was only £30.00 less (480.00 Euros rather than 520.00).

In other words, the savings may not be exactly 90%, but they are genuinely massive.

How Does it Work?

Sheradill offers a very limited range of hotels (all members of luxury/boutique HIP Hotels) for very specific dates. These deals are limited in number and change regularly.

The discount comes from credits you earn for completing tasks like visiting the hotel’s website or sharing the deal on Twitter. This might sound like it could be a lot of hassle, but it really isn’t – 5 minutes can knock £100.00 off the price easily.

These are the tasks I’ve come across so far (not every deal has all the tasks):

  • Complete Your Profile: 20.00 Euros
  • Subscribe To Our Newsletter: 20.00 Euros
  • Visit Hotel Facebook Page: 5.00 Euros
  • Visit Hotel Website: 5.00 Euros
  • Visit HIP Hotels Website: 5.00 Euros
  • Visit HIP Hotels Facebook: 5.00 Euros
  • Follow Sheradill on Twitter: 10.00 Euros
  • Follow HIP Hotels on Twitter: 10.00 Euros
  • Follow Hotel on Twitter: 10.00 Euros
  • Retweet Deal Status: 10.00 Euros
  • Like Deal Status: 10.00 Euros
  • Watch Video: 5.00 Euros
  • Share On Twitter: 10.00 Euros (need at least 10 Twitter followers)

Completing all those tasks takes literally 5 minutes and totals up to ~ 125.00 Euros. The credit you build up from these actions are deal-specific and can’t be used for other deals.

Sheradill 1          Sheradill 2 - 30 euros for 3 nights

When you complete tasks, an additional 30% goes into something called the ‘Community Earnings” for the deal. So you would have 125 Euros personal credit and there would be another 37.50 Euros credit in the communal kitty too (total = 167.50 Euros)

Whenever other users complete tasks relating to that particular deal, credit is added to the community earnings too – and the person who finally buys the deal gets the benefit of all the community earnings boosting their own credits.

Some of the tasks can be repeated each day for even more credit!

The maximum amount a deal can be discounted by is 90%.

Popular deals can become heavily discounted relatively quickly (as people add to the community earnings by completing tasks), but there is also then the risk that someone else might buy it before you do – deciding that, say, an 80% discount is more than enough to make them go for it, while you wait for more credits to accrue.

What are the hotels like?

The ones I’ve looked at so far all seem very good, and if you get enough credits for the 90% maximum discount, the prices are astonishing. Here’s just a few that caught my eye (the prices are after I’ve applied a 90% discount):

One Aldwych (stylish 5*, 36th best hotel in London according to Tripadvisor):  ~ £48.00 (60 Euros) per night.

One Aldwych

Gran Melia Rome (luxurious 5*, 5 minutes from the Vatican): ~ £41.00 (52 Euros) per night

Gran Melia Rome

Chess Hotel Paris (award winning design hotel): ~£21.50 (27 Euros) per night

Chess Hotel

NusaBay Menjangan, Bali (upscale beach resort) ~ £6.86  (8.57 Euros per night)

Nusa Bay

Novocento Boutique Hotel, Venice (charming and extremely comfortable looking family run hotel): ~ £16.00 (20 Euros) per night


La Residence du Vieux Port, Marseilles (chic with stunning views, 5th best hotel in Marseilles according to TA): ~ £16.15 (20.42 Euros) per night

La Residence
La Residence

La Minervetta (best hotel in Sorrento according to TripAdvisor!): ~ £16.60 (21 Euros) per night

La Minervetta

Masseria Susafa, Sicily (beautiful place in the middle of the countryside) ~ £10.00 (12.50 Euros) per night

Masseria Susafa 1
Masseria Susafa

As I mentioned, the deals have very limited availability and change all the time, so the above aren’t likely to last long!

20.00 Euros credit for signing up

If you sign up to Sheradill using a referral link you get 20.00 Euros credit (as does the person who refers you, so thanks if you use mine!).

That means that even if nobody else has completed any tasks (and therefore haven’t contributed to the Community Earnings for a deal), you would still get a total discount of up to 182.50 Euros just for signing up and completing your own tasks. That’s a remarkable discount for a few minutes work!

Bottom Line

Like with explaining how most things work, Sheradill sounds more complicated than it actually is – just go and experiment and you’ll work it out in a few minutes.

If you are flexible, or can build a trip around a deal you like, Sheradill is fantastic. The remarkable discounts make it well worth working through any limitations.

I’ve had an idea for InsideFlyerUK readers to help each other get the biggest possible discounts using Sheradill, and will be posting more about that soon! In the meantime, please feel free to share your referral links in the comments.

Hat-tip: The Deal Mommy


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