500 Free Marriott Rewards Points In 60 Seconds

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Marriott Rewards is offering 500 free Marriott Rewards Points simply for following them on Instagram.

marriott instagram 2


All you have to do is ‘follow’ them on Instagram here, and then enter your email address on this page here.

marriott instagram

It’s not certain that they will actually bother verifying whether you followed them or not, so if you don’t have Instagram and don’t want to sign up, it’s probably still worth just trying your email address. Signing up to Instagram only takes 30 seconds though, so you might as well.

I can’t find any information about when the Points will post, so you are probably best making a note and chasing it up in a month or so if required.

500 Points is hardly massive, but for 60 seconds of your time it’s certainly not a bad return!

Hat tip: One Mile At A Time


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