Free Instant Hilton HHonors Gold Status

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Hilton hotels have launched a new promo offering free, instant HHonors Gold status to new and existing HHonors members. While the offer is targeted at Accenture, Siemens, Oracle and Google employees, as with pretty much all the Hilton “employee-related” offers, anyone can sign up.

free hilton gold

The offer is very simple. You sign up via this link, and that gets you the instant Gold status until 31 August, 2016. In addition, if you make 4 separate stays (1 night or more) between now and 31 August, Hilton will extend the free Gold status until 31 March 2018. 

It really does work instantly, too. 

10 minutes ago my wife was a Hilton Blue member:

free hilton gold

Now she is Gold Elite:

free hilton gold2

Given that it offers you instant Gold from the word go, and you have until 31 August to extend the Gold status for the full duration, this is a substantially better offer than the various Hilton Gold fast-tracks that we have flagged in the past.

This is well worth doing – Hilton HHonors Gold status is a great little perk.

Don’t forget that Hilton are also offering double points on all stays between now and 31 August, so you really could have a quite lucrative few stays between now and the end of summer!


  1. Chris says

    Not instant for me…. Been half an hour now… Maybe this has expired or they are checking accounts?

    Does say I’ve registered for the offer though when you try again, but still showing Blue in my account.

    I’ll give it time see if it changes, nothing ventured nothing gained! May be worth me signing up to a new account see if that works.

    Thanks though.

    • Chris says

      Just approved now… So took three hours total… Awesome thanks! Off to book my Hawaii hotel!


  2. John says

    I’m Diamond this year but unlikely to renew unless there is some promo, do you think I can use it to get Gold for the next year?

    • Tom Sumner says

      I think this is very unlikely to “sit in the system” such that when your Diamond expires in March 2017 you become Gold till March 2018.

      Personally I’d wait till March 2017 and then do a fast-track, or even email Hilton to see if they will “soft land” you to Gold.

      They may well have a status match running then too, if that helps.

  3. M HOCKENHULL says

    I am going to see if this works with my OHs account. I filled in the form for upgrade to gold in early April for both myself and my OH but we did not hear back before our April weekend.

    This week I have though had the welcome to Gold email so I don’t know if it was a very slow response to the upgrade application. I’ve only done 4 nights this year and one last August so I don’t think I’ve done enough nights yet but something has triggered it.

    So I’ve had the upgrade email but not my OH and he has more points than me, enough for 2 nights in Sheffield anyway 🙂

    • Tom Sumner says

      While a status match is of course always the easiest option, if it doesn’t work for one of you for whatever reason, bear in mind:

      – The free, instant upgrade in this article lasts until 31 August 2016
      – You will then be upgraded to Gold until March 2018 if you stay 4 times before 31 August
      – Hilton currently has a global sale on– Hilton is also offering double points (or miles) on all stays until 31 August

      As a result, you could potentially make 4 low cost, high points-yielding stays between now and 31 August, that would land you with Gold status until March 2018. It’s a bit of a Hilton bargain bonanza out there at the moment – make the most of it!

  4. Sorin says

    Do I understand correctly that you need to send your HH account numbr to that email, from your Accenture email address, to get the upgrade?
    Does this really work like that?

    • Tom Sumner says

      It seems that Hilton have now changed the promotion, such that rather than instantly getting the gold, you need to send them an email from an Accenture email address.

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