The crazily low Qatar Business Class fares are back!

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Every few months, the genuinely excellent Qatar Airways will unload a round of fairly spectacular long-haul Business Class flights from Europe. True to form, the latest round has just been released at some staggeringly low prices.

qatar sale

Exact booking dates depend on the starting point, but you either need to book by 9 May (UK, Germany, Italy and Netherlands) or 15 May (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

While the UK is included in sale, the best prices are on those departing outside the UK. Some headline ex-Europe fares include Bangkok at £1,020, Auckland at £1,125Singapore at £1,116 and the Maldives at £1,164.

Given that the Qatar sale fares apply to pretty much all Qatar’s European starting points, there’s a lot to choose from. In addition to those flagged above, highlights include:

(Business Class, return)

These fares really exist, and availability is currently good. Here’s an example booking for Bangkok from Olso in Business Class:

qatar sale

And here’s the Auckland fare:

qatar sale

Broadly speaking, you have until May 2017 to travel, although this will vary depending on the starting point and destination. Check the individual deals for the specific details.

The final bit of good news for UK flyers: As we are now after 1 May, you will also earn both British Airways Avios points and Tier points on these Qatar sale flights.

This is a UK website! Why are you directing me to flights that start outside the UK? 

I always like to address this point when I flag ex-Europe fares. The simple reason is, these are great value fares. In going through the inconvenience of starting your trip outside the UK you will save yourself a small fortune for the long-haul flight.

Use Ryanair, easyJet, Wizzair etc to your advantage here. Flights to Oslo with Ryanair, for example, can be incredibly cheap:

qatar sale

Plus, you can even use the starting point to your advantage. If you include a weekend in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm at the start or end of your holiday, you’re getting two-for-the-price-of-one! These are of course all genuinely interesting destinations for the UK traveller by themselves.

One final point…

Frankfurt to Bangkok is, per the Qatar Airways Germany website available at €1089 (£860):

qatar sale

Unfortunately I can’t find that fare at all, but you may have more luck than me.

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