Up to 10,000 bonus Avios with Rocketmiles

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Rocketmiles is a hotel booking service that rewards you with airline miles for booking hotels through it. The basic premise is that you will earn at least 1,000 frequent flyer miles in one of a number of airline programmes, per night.

bonus avios

Rates are often more expensive than you will find elsewhere (with a bit of searching), but if you value the frequent flyer miles highly or, in particular, a bonus is being offered, booking through Rocketmiles can be a good value option.

One such bonus is currently available where you select your air miles as Avios. 

First of all, new customers will get an extra 2,000 Avios first booking bonus.

Secondly, new and existing customers can then collect up to 10,000 bonus Avios (in addition to the 1,000-10,000 Avios you will earn per night anyway). This bonus works as follows:

  • Get 250 bonus Avios per night, for nights 1 and 2
  • Get 500 bonus Avios per night, for nights 3-9
  • Get 1,000 bonus Avios per night, for nights 10-15

The bonus Avios are applied to bookings made up to 31 August 2016, for stays before 31 December 2016.

If you’re tempted by this offer, we suggest you shop around before committing to it. Obviously if you are likely to hit the big bonuses in nights 10-15 then this may well work out for you, but it’s always worth comparing the prices you can get for hotels elsewhere before you book with Rocketmiles. The 250 bonus in nights 1 and 2 for example is only worth around £2.50, for example.

That said, if you’re a new customer, the 3,000 bonus on your first booking is likely to give some serious added value to your first booking with Rocketmiles, such that even if you find the room cheaper elsewhere, the combination of these 3,000 bonus Avios plus the Avios you will earn anyway may well make Rocketmiles the best value option.

Note that to benefit from the bonus Avios, you must book your hotel via this link.

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