This Bank Holiday Weekend only – 5% bonus cashback with Topcashback

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We have already, repeatedly sung the praises of Topcashback as a vital “value travel tool”, so other than to briefly state that it’s a great way to get cashback on hotel stays and air travel, I’m not going to repeat myself.

topcashback bonus

However, this long weekend it gets even better. You’ll get a bonus 5% cashback on the cashback you would ordinarily get on any purchases you make through the site before the end of Monday 30 May. 

Before you get too excited, that’s a 5% bonus on the cashback you get, not an outright additional 5% cashback. So for example if a retailer is offering 5% cashback, you will get 5.25% cashback, not 10% cashback.

As a result, here are some of the cashback rates being offered on travel:

If you’re not already a member of Topcashback, you can join for free here.

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