Eurostar sale – Paris and Brussels for just £29 each way, rest of France from £37 each way

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eurostar sale

Eurostar seem to be doing these flash sales fairly often now, but this one’s a little bit bigger in terms of where you can go, and how many seats are available!

A whopping 114,000 tickets are now available for travel between 21 March and 2 June 2016 from £29 one way for Paris, Lille and Brussels. Alternately, for those looking to go a bit further, there are 25,000 seats available from £37 one way to Strasbourg, Reims, Nantes, Bordeaux, Nice, Aix-en-Provence and Dijon, with a change of trains in Paris or Lille. For those who prefer the direct South of France service, be quick – just 1,600 seats available from £40 one way for the Lyon, Avignon and Marseille train.

You need to book by 21st March at the latest, but we strongly suggest you do it ASAP to snag the best trains, especially the Marseille train!

As with before, you need to book a return to get this price, so £58 for a return Paris / Brussels etc, or £80 return for Lyon / Avignon and Marseille. The good thing is that you can combine a £29 one-way with a normal price for the return. So, if the cheapest seats have all gone for your return date, you could still potentially get a return trip for around £65 if the sale dates/availability doesn’t cover you both ways.

All aboard for the Eurostar to Lille!

For those thinking of the other destinations in France, changing trains in Lille is very easy to do – there are only 4 platforms, and the station while long is quite compact. There’s even a shopping centre just across the plaza if you’ve some time, with a supermarket selling French cheeses, and cheapish French wine! Changing in Paris varies depending on the other station involved, it can be easy, but not always… The direct trains to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille are therefore easier for the less confident traveller, but that’s why they’re a bit more expensive, and have fewer seats in the sale!

The full terms and conditions are available here.


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